Week ending Sunday 18th March 2012 – Wednesday

All pics on here and more are on Flickr

A lovely day so, after snapping some Grebe pics (199 of ’em on a blog sub-page) on Wednesday, I walked up to Shireoaks and back through Rhodesia and Lady Lee.

Common as muck but often overlooked

Here's one I took earlier that I rather like

Here's mummy grebe sitting waiting for the fish winner to come home.

Bullrushes above Morse Lock
Yellow dust of catkins at Shireoaks flight

In the marina Nbs Joanie M and Tumzul Cloud were moored in the visitors’ area. (see more of Joanie M in the next post) and Nb Steel Away was just outside the entrance.

At Shireoaks I walked down to the church. Apparently there’s a gravestone there that claims to be of a man who died on February 30th but I’ve not found it yet. The church used to have a spire but it had to be removed in 1975. There are four gargoyles at the top of the tower which presumably used to spout the rain from the steeple.

Two of the gargoyles

A Short stroll from the church along the Thorpe Salvin road is the entrance to the Hewett Arms and the fishing lakes. The lakes are beautiful, with willows hanging gracefully over the water and leading on to Shireoaks Hall. The Hall is in a sad state but is being, slowly, renovated.

Shireoaks Hall beyond the fishing lake

The large lake is fed by a cascade

Geese on the lake were taking advantage of each other and the spring sunshine

Strolling along the road to Rhodesia there were one or two things above (always check the sky)

An unidentified bird spiralling slowly upward

I’m no ornithologist so I couldn’t hazard a guess at what sort of bird it was. The pics above are “cropped and ‘shopped” quite a bit:

Here's one of the originals

An intrepid airman from Netherthorpe field

On through Rhodesia taking the path to Lady Lee quarry nature reserve.

I have not a clue what these are

All that's left of the "dock" at the end of the Lady Lee Arm

The arm was built to carry stone from the quarry. All that’s left is a trickle from the dock to the Ryton and the bridge over the old junction with the Chesterfield canal.


The footpath crosses the A 38 and over a cultivated field back to the canal.


Back to Godfrey’s pond and the grebes, mallards and tufted ducks:


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