Week ending Sunday 18th March: Friday, to Ranby

Last Saturday I’d declared my intention of walking to Ranby. As I got into town I noticed that my camera battery was low so knocked that in the head.
(Note to self: check camera before setting out in future)
I did it on Friday instead:Starting at Godfrey’s pond: Blossom on the trees: Spring is here!

Only the one grebe pic ’cause you must be getting fed up with them. She’s keeping the nest warm.
At Morse Lock I couldn’t resist this robin with its breakfast worm. It was at a fair distance so this pic’s a bit(!) fuzzy.
On down past the towering flour mill complete with pigeons on the roof.

To Bracebridge Lock, this is the bywash.


At the aqueduct there was work! They’re piling all along the side of the feeder. I’d noticed the leaks below High Hoe road and commented (twitter) on them. Don’t think I’d anything to do with it but …


There was a solitary swan below Kilton Low Lock.


It’s about a mile from Kiveton Low to Manton bridge. As good an example of the turnover or snake bridge as you’re likely to find.


Osberton Long Bridge and


Stables bridge with Long Bridge visible beyond


Nb Julie M, which I saw t’other day at Shireoaks Marina, was below Osberton Lock.


But before going on I took a side trip to Scofton village:The church back door has a couple of carvings, in addition to a load of shells (about as far from the sea as you can get), there’s:

An owl ...

... and a pussycat.

I have no idea why these two are here, does anyone?
Down at Ranby the house at Chequers bridge is for sale (the traffic noise from the A1 is a definite price reducer)
Waiting for the bus I noticed a number of ladybirds sheltering on a rubbish bin:

And so home.

P.S. all pics and many more, on Flickr.
P.P.S. My “Y” key’s sticking – please tell me if you find any missing.
P.P.P.S. The “H” key’s not so good either.

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