Anyone (most of you?) who’s not following me on twitter won’t know what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days. Well, I’ve been doing things for the first time: riding in a helicopter being the least of them. I had a heart attack on Thursday morning while out snapping with my “ladies who walk dogs“. After some confusion (none of us had a mobile phone on us) they (the 999 people) decided that where I was made an ambulance unpossible so a chopper was called.  Sheffield was mist bound and Notts Chopper was ditto so the Yorks Air ambulance took me to Leeds. More later …

I had the presence of mind to hand the camera to one of the “lwwd” (Christine – who’s lovely) with instructions to snap & snap. She did, over 400 times before I disappeared in the sky. So I’ve got to rename & tag all of them before continuing. Right now I’m knackered so going for a siesta. More later …

3 thoughts on “Stent

  1. I’m really sorry to hear this Roj.
    I hope you’re well soon. Do you know when you will come home?
    Pity you missed being taken to Sheffield – all those people visiting Kath could come to you too.
    (Aagh, trapped with endless visitors….)
    Kath has had an operation to repair a recurrence of an intestinal problem that I estimated to have first occurred three years ago – but in fact it was close to thirty.
    I will find out how to tweet. You’ll be sorry. I’ll probably have to wait until I can get one of the children at school to show me.
    All the very best.



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