Thursday to Saturday: Hospitals

Sorry no pics this time round.
The air ambulance (see previous post) took me to Leeds General Infirmary. The trip took all of fifteen minutes, I rather think it would have taken as long to get to my local hospital via land transport.
Within minutes of landing I was being “done”. They doped me slightly and shoved a needle thing in my right wrist through which the “stent” was inserted. I have copies of some of the Xrays but my scanner’s up the spout so here’s a crappy pic of one of them after the event:

After some deliberation, they decided to send me to the Coronary Care Unit at my local hospital, Bassetlaw in Worksop. The road trip took over twice as long as the air but not bad.

Now came two nights and a day of total boredom. If Christine (she of the camera skilz) hadn’t arrived, with the assistance of Derek (a Man Who Walks Dogs), & brought me some reading matter (& pyjamas, & loads of stuff), I’d have gone stir crazy. Until Saturday morning I was tethered to the wall by a cable telemetering data from sticky pads on my chest so couldn’t even go for a pee! (Can’t recommend hospital food)

I really ought to thank all those people who looked after me so well over the short time that I was under their care. From Carl the first paramedic to Julie the last nurse at Bassetlaw they were all wonderful. Unfortunately I am really bad at names so just a blanket “THANK YOU” to them all.
Saturday they released me!

I feel great!

For the first time in my life I’m on daily medication.

6 thoughts on “Thursday to Saturday: Hospitals

  1. Really concerned as no reply on your landline. Checked with Bassetlaw Hospital and you haven’t been readmitted so guess you are staying with friends. Do hope that you are recovering well. Can I contact you?



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