April 14th


Who’s been a naughty boy then?

Who’s not been blogging?

Thing is, when you’ve been reminded of your mortality so very graphically, you tend to say: “reality’s better than bloggin'” and forget the blog. I’m now about 2 weeks behind in uploading to Flickr. Should just alibi myself: I take some 100 plus pics a day; they all have to be renamed – hopefully meaningfully; and then tagged – that’s the words you add to the “meta-information” to identify the content, for instance some of my pics are tagged “sky”, search for it on my Flickr & you’ll see what I mean (done it for you here).
Blogging’s a whole other kettle of horses of a different colour – you gotta have something to say or something to show. Most of the time I haven’t: oh! I could go on about some of my pet peeves, but that would possibly alienate some of my loyal readers who only come here for he pretty pictures and not for the ramblings of a somewhat disillusioned old intolerant curmudgeon.

So, what have I been doing?


Seriously, I feel better than I have for years. I’ve gone from 30+ a day ciggies to zero. Still could occasionally KILL for a puff on a Benson & Hedges.

Oh, of course I’ve taken my usual short walks around the pond and down the canal to town. I’m limited in how much I’m allowed to do: “no vacuum cleaning” for example – such hardship!

Donna & Angie (Pasha’s owners) have a new dog, by purest coincidence called Sasha See Here for loads o’ pics
Here’s a sample:

The top grebes have had an egg (pics to follow) and there’s a new lot down the bottom making a nest in a really stupid place (pics to follow).

I’ve had visitors.
Now for most folk this might not mean a lot but it’s the first since I’ve been in Worksop. First an old girlfriend* from waaaaay back (the 60s, if you must know) came and we had lunch at the Lock Keeper. Then a pair of “semi-cousins” (we each called the other’s parents Aunt & Uncle even though they weren’t relatives) and we had lunch at the Lock Keeper. ‘Twas a lovely pair of visits. They’d all declared an intention of visiting some time ago but I suspect that the heart thing spurred them on.
      *It’s said old GF’s birthday today!
Gonna upload some more pictures to Flickr & possibly blog again later today so: TTFN


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