Walk: Top pound (& back)

Saturday twelfth I had a naughty lie in. Got up eventually about half past ten. Wandered round the pond & down to town about half past eleven
swans havin’ a punch up on the pond:


On the canal an angler drew my attention to a rabbit Just sitting outside a hole – he said it had been there for ages.


Down at the town centre Nb “Jeanie Deans” was cruising up:

So: did my bit of shopping (cat food mostly); checked out the market (Paula’s still there & doing well) & got some cash from the money machine.

Walked back home & thought that I might try to catch up with the narrowboat up towards Shireoaks. Stuffed waterproof & warm top into back pack & off I went.

Caught up with Jeanie Deans as she was entering Deep Lock – either I’d been quicker than I’d thought or she’d been slower than I’d anticipated.

Smashing couple with two dogs – they’d come up from Osberton lock on the day.

Stayed with ’em as far as Shireoaks Middle lock preopening bottoms ahead and closing tops behind.

On Shireoaks middle pound an angler caught a small pike as I reached him – first one I’ve seen.

Above Cinderhill BW craftsmen had been hard at work on the bywashes. Some beautiful stonework on Oneslide and Stone locks:
It’s about now that the scent of garlic becomes really noticeable, the woods to the side of the towpath are white with the flowers

Here they are along the bank of the Brancliffe Feeder:

A real treat was the Chesterfield Canal’s mandarin duck on Turnerwood pound. He’s returned after his brief excursion to Worksop in January. once again he’s taken up with a mallard pair, ready for foster parent duty?

Thorpe locks bridge is always welcome, marking very nearly the high point of the walk. (I’m a lot less able than I used to be)


Onward to Pudding Dyke bridge there’s a small group of white bluebells (does that make them whitebells?) that have been there for three years to my knowledge.


The weir at Pudding Dyke was at its strongest that I’ve ever seen.


I turned round & walked home. By the time I finished my feet were complaining & it was rather a relief to deboot and sit down with a cuppa.

Both going & coming I had an ice cream at Turnerwood. Highly recommended.

All pics are on Flickr – there’s 673 altogether!

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