Monday 21 May: Python

Chesterfield Canal Trust have a boat that is used as a travelling publicity and educational tool. It has been moored in Shireoaks Marina over the winter but is due to travel all around the system returning in October(ish).
Python, that’s the boat’s name, is at the upper limit of width for Shireoaks Middle and Stret locks so preparation had to be made.


At Morse lock a couple of BW guys had brought stop planks down from the depot opposite Lady Lee bridge to block off the bywash.


After strolling round with the LWWDs. I walked up to Shireoaks Bottom lock.


As I got there Python was leaving Middle lock and crossing the pound which had been raised by planks across the bywash.

She slid gracefully in and out of the lock:


She passed under Shireoaks Low Bridge …


…and down past the Miners’ welfare moorings.


On to Doefield Dun lock …


… under the rail bridge …


… on to Haggonfields …


… lock and …



… down to Deep and Stret locks for the fun to begin.


As expected, Deep lock was passed without incident just before eleven o’clock



She was then moored up waiting for the water level below Stret lock to rise. “about an hour” quoth the BW guy, casting an expert eye over the towpath under Sandy Lane bridge.


So at just past half past twelve Python was cast off. There was a little difficulty as the level in the pound had dropped enough to ground her, but a little experienced reversing got her free and then into the lock.


There was a little difficulty getting her out; two lots of flushes were let down with the top paddles but she did make it through.
Eventually she was moored at the BW depot for the night ready for the morning’s journey to the Hop Pole at retford.

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