Grebes & grebelings. Fit the first

Grebelets 23rd May


Which, on closer inspection showed: From another angle:
and, in the water:… zoomed:
Stripy little buggers.

24th May

I’ll give my main walk of the day its own page (Kiveton Park to Killamarsh coming up) but here’s some pond pics from the morning walk with LWWDs.Ducklings (many more to come: you’ll be almost as bored with ’em as you must be with grebes.


Just to keep the grebe count up:



and to show that other things beside water birds have their appeal: forget-me-nots & ragged robins with daisies in the foreground on the banks of the Ryton.

2 thoughts on “Grebes & grebelings. Fit the first

  1. Been on my hols – enjoyed catching up with the grebes.
    Brighouse Bay – Dumfries and Galloway. V. pretty – good enough weather.
    Saw, on TV, pictures of people being helicoptered away from their flooded caravans in West Wales.



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