Kiveton Park to Killamarsh 1

first part: Dog Kennel Bridge to Wales Bridge

The feeder cascade on the top pound is always worth a look. It’s also the final “winding hole” on the canal, so any further exploration by narrowboat will entail some reversing.
On to the end of the canal; there’s some bloody big fish in this section by the way:

The towpath finishes at a beautiful new gate and kissing gate: which are both locked …



… while Cuckoo way itself climbs a short flight of steps and through a rather tight kissing gate – you’ll probably have to remove any back pack; and don’t try it with a waistline over about 40inches.

Across the field – you’re walking over the tunnel. As far as Hard Lane, it’s apparently OK but is going to have to “lock up” through an open cutting beyond.

A map of the intended canal route for this section (click on it to enlarge)

Kiveton Waters is an artificial lake shaped to form fishing ponds with the intention of becoming a marina when(!) the canal is rebuilt.

On the skyline is a (sculpture of a) pit pony towing a tub, onward the path follows what is at present a drainage ditch before heading for the M1 underpass.

Next: Under the M1 to Norwood

One thought on “Kiveton Park to Killamarsh 1

  1. Hi Roger, Just catching up and I see you have been in the wars!!!! I hope you are feeling much better and are totally on the mend! Weve not done this stretch yet so you have given me an idea for hubbies next weekend day off.
    Take care of yourself.



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