Every time I go out, I take piccies. Ever time I take piccies of anything that takes my fancy, I tweet some of my favourites.

Here’re some I’ve done over the past week:
Just grass and rain:
Grass with raindrops
Next two are of the same bird, a gull of some kind. No colour desaturation or anything:

This one is nothing special but I like it, a blackbird on a dead tree

And here’s the first of several heron pics, they’re probably my second favourite bird after Grebes:

(must learn how to stop the white bits being all washed out)

and here he(?) is leaving.

My favourite plants are probably teasels (teazels?) for their all-year-roundness, with waterlillies coming a close second.

Couple of little birds chatting in the treetop:

Here’s the first grebe. They are definitely the things I most frequently photograph. It was what got me interested in both wildlife and photography: seeing a pair doing their mating dance on Godfrey’s pond.

I’m told that this is a Red Admiral, I caught it between Ranby and Osberton on a towpath walk.

On the same walk I recalled that Google were sending their photo-trike along the towpaths of the canal system. they’d be lucky to get along this stretch!

Scofton Church from the canal (‘shopped a bit to remove wires across panorama):

Here’s the original & the ‘shopped versions:

A favourite view of mine: looking through Stables Bridge to Long Bridge at Osberton:

Horses on the field at Manton:

Thistle with spotty fly

This is a juvenile grebe. The “top” pair seem to have become a single parent family.

And here’s a bunny: seen one exactly here several times.

Heron up to its knees in the pond:

Gingerkit on the keyboard:

Now these two were definitely “at it” they even flew joined:

Although this one was OK with just watching:

This lilly seemed to have a candle in its heart. It was really just the way it faced directly into the sun.

A pair of finches making sweet music:

Another butterfly, this time white:

Nothing but a feather hanging in a hedgerow: liked it though:

Train to Kiveton Park back home via towpath. Absolutely lashed it down as I left Turnerwood. Drowned rat!

The top pound looks good in any weather, something to reflect on:

Heron (again):

I know! It’s just what catches my eye at the time.

Bee heaven?

Grass! Just grass!


Narrowboat Florella at the head of navigation at Kiveton.

Everyone’s at it. A pair (yes there’s two) of ducks having it off:

That’s all folks!

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