Moer Twitterpics

This is what you can get by accident.

Flowering rush
Butomus umbellatus

I’ve done a load o’ pictures of this. It’s one floret of a reed flower in Worksop winding hole.

Here’s one of the blooms on the little patch of water lilies at the top of the pond. I never tire of these. All the more beautiful because of the tiny size of the patch.

The remaining adult grebe at the top of the pond has apparently had enough of its offspring. Here it seems to be trying to drown it. (this pic’s an animated gif – dunno if it’ll work but no harm trying. Failing that it’s here) The bottom grebes’ kids have vanished, all three of them.

Now this one I really like. A glittery mask was lying beside the path, I picked it up and skimmed it away. See how it landed.

For no apparent reason this swan decided to half-fly across the pond.

A fly on my window frame …

… and just through the window, a bee on a hollyhock. You can see how pollen is passed around.

Seems to be insect time: Spider (I know spiders aren’t insects!!).

Bee, meet thistle.

That Muscovy duck again. A face that only a mother, or another muscovy duck, could love?

Now that is beautiful, innit?


This I captioned: “Not just a fishcake sarnie, this is an M&S fishcake sarnie”.

I have no idea why I found this so photo worthy, but I do like it:

Three from a walk around Lady Lee. If I’d been quicker on the snap I’d have had a grass snake too but they don’t half shift.

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