August Continues

Another roam through the month’s Twitterpics. They are a reasonable way of describing my time.
I should say that these pictures are almost all slightly enhanced with The Gimp“unsharp mask” and “colours → levels” at the very least, but there’s no fakery.
Butterflies are a new photographic interest. As usual there’s a lot of pictures around Godfrey’s pond and along the canal and I went to Sheffield to see Jess Ennis.

The pond:

This is a peacock at Godfrey’s pond. There’s more peacocks to come.

Used to be as common as muck but not a lot of butterflies about this year.

Lady Lee nature reserve:

Even more common.

That’s a grasshopper.

Think I’ve posted this one before.

Brown insects are legion. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth a second look.

Feeding on a thistle.

To Sheffield. Jessica Ennis was appearing so I went to see.

(Of course I had to snap some other stuff as well)

Vulcan from the back …

… and from the front.

The “Jess Ennis” gold postbox.

Three young girls in Jess masks

By the time she arrrived the crowd was enormous – about 20,000 I learned later.

There was representation from her old school.

When she did arive the view was so rubbish that the big screen gave the best view.


Pigeons in silhouette

The Speckled Wood is a common butterfly and familiar to many observers, especially in woodland where, as its name suggests, it is most often found.

Another of a Godfrey’s pond heron, but I thought this was rather “arty”.

Swan, upping and downing.

This is “Brownie” a new (to me) dog on the rugby field.

This, of course, is my favourite; Benji.

Juvenile grebe

SP Another “arty” one of a heron.

Insects on flowers is all.

The most beautiful flowers around, surely.

There’s more to come.

2 thoughts on “August Continues

  1. I’m alive too.
    ‘Sfunny how pictures of it seem to make life more interesting. There’s one spot near where we can find burnett moths on scabious. Like your flutterbys.
    I’ve been making dolly frocks for Annabelle’s birthday. As I know full well that A much prefers to undress dolls and carry them around naked I suppose I’ve been sewing for my own pleasure. It’s more fun than making things for myself – M&S online when there’s a need.
    School hols – out with the grandchildren and dog and Ollie my son-in-law. Saw a lizard – third time in my life – in Derbyshire that is. Never seen a grass snake; only the pet one I was supposed to be looking after for a school friend. It escaped. My mum wasn’t too happy.
    Been to Buton-on-Trent today. That’s a first. Paul wanted to do some proper shopping – the nearest board war game shop. Staffed by men who probably go home and dress in three piece suits to relax. I bought a dice tower….
    Now I need some wood glue.
    I’ve cut back a clematis in the garden.
    Back to sticks.
    Now I go out at night with a torch to collect the snails which are chomping away at the new growth.


  2. It’s sad that there are so few butterflies around now. To go back one stage further there are hardly any caterpillars. When I was a little girl the bushes and plants were covered in caterpillars. I couldn’t find one in my garden to show to my granddaughters despite having a profusion of nasturtiums at the top of the garden.


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