To the end of August

To finish off the month that used to be called the height of summer, what was the Egyptian name: “Inundation”?

You wouldn’t look to these wee beasties for colour, now, would you?

Speckled wood butterfly, Rather common but intricately patterned.

Jimmy’s keep net as he packed up for the day.

I think this is a Damsel fly. Red, anyway!


Aren’t they bootiful?

This is small and white, so prolly a “Small White”.

Another peacock – they’re so photogenic.

Like a bird on the wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free

Another gatekeeper

Just a coot, standing, reflecting …

My blackberries!”

Pleased with this one: bee coming in to land on a teasel.

Soooooo pretty!
This pink lily was at Woodsetts Quarry pond.

Fast moving beasties are the devil to catch.


Another red beast. Think this one’s a dragonfly (rear wings broaden at base, rests with wings @ 90° to body

Heron doing what herons do: buggerin’ off.

This one has got plaudits from all over the twittersphere.

“Take one of me with my dog”
Camera-shy dog.
Result as shown!

Swan was having a good preen & stretch

Standing … watching … waiting …

Another speckled wood butterfly

Rats at play.


I likeses my grasses

This guy was happily sitting ten feet out from the bank.

I do not know what sort of a duck this duck is except that it’s NOT A MALLARD!

Went to Sheffield on Saturday (25th). Surprised at number of coppers round station.
I asked one what was going on:
“Millwall’s coming”
‘Nuff said!

Now this was a monstrous slug: at least six inches. (Graves Park, Sheffield)

Squirrel by the lake.

This is a female mandarin, on the top lake.

Back down in town caught someone posing with the Gold (Jess Ennis) post box and an Olympic torch.

This guy really impressed me:

On the way back to the station this total stranger demanded to pose for me.

Now this is a damsel fly.

Taken to show some twiterfolk that our blackberries are out, unlike theirs further south.

One of my “arty” ones. It’s actually a branch reflected in the canal.

Again, Heron buggerin’ off.

One of those days when you open a cupboard and …

A Cormorant reappeared on the pond …

… it scooted across, landing near the middle …

… where it was unceremoniously moved on by the resident grebe.

Really settled down now.

I mean why do I like pictures like this?

Love this dragonfly.
Stained glass wings and Art Deco body.

This is one I did earlier.

Just a little demo of what a tad of enhancing can do.

Attempt to catch a dragon/damsel in flight

Walk Kiveton – Worksop

That bloody cascade; all it’s doing is adding water to the canal but …

Pike in the weed

Goldenrod attracts insects.

A buddleia was living up to it’s common name of “butterfly bush”. There were at least a score of peacock butterflies around this one.

The bush is at least half a mile from the nearest habitation.

A bridge parapet wall is covered with so delicate flowers.

Blown up.

There’s not a lot but the squirrels find them – hazel nuts.

The workboat above One-slide lock is covered with spider webs.

Moer butterfly.

Back home

Thought this one looked like a helicopter.

This isn’t a good picture but I like it. A wren a few feet away diving into reeds.

Kingfisher: catching that’s not easy – to say the least. so here’s three times rolled into one pic.

Fish; meet heron.

Heron; meet lunch.

These two were on a compost heap between the canal and the cricket club.
Altogether now: “Awwwww!”

Bendy neck, much?

That duck again – still no definitive identification.

Looks as if it ought to be twirling its moustache and making “Mwuahaha!” noises as it forecloses a mortgage.

That’s August done

Doesn’t time fly – seems like only yesterday.

Waddya mean it was yesterday?