One September

Saturday 1 Sep:
Duck on canal:

On the canal near the Priory Shopping car park.
Still don’t know what sort of duck this is.

Grebes on pond:

Two grebes chatting.

Looks like a gossip session.

The usual suspects fishing:

Please! Take my picture!

This little beast was in the grass near Mrs Machin’s tree. I moved him(?) down to the path to snap him. (Yes, I put it back when I’d finished)

This was tiny: about 7or 8 millimetres


Speckled wood, looks as if this one’s hind wing’s been bitten.

The Russian fleet’s in town.

Doesn’t look like any tortoise’s shell I’ve ever seen.

Wonder why they’re called that?

And one boat on t’canal:

Twitter told me that “Danusia” ‘the little Shetland Boat’ was at Lockkeeper, so I went looking. She’s moving down to West Stockwith. Pleasant guy with two small boys.

More Saturday pics here.

Sunday 2nd
Oops. Got up late – very late – almost noon!
Out to pond & canal

Swallows (swifts?) over the pond. Fattening up for the trip to Africa?

Coming up from overnighting at Forest locks:

Narrowboat Golden Boyz approaching Morse Lock on the way to Shireoaks Marina.

Heron taking a break from pond and canal.

Back on the pond I noticed acorns on the John Street side.

More Sunday pics here.

Monday thrid:
First off, round t’ pond …

A thrush. On the footpath at peg two roughly.
A thrush!

Hawthorn covered in haws. Supposedly sign of a harsh winter to come.

… down the canal to town …

Another ‘arty’ one: leaves and sky reflected in the still canal water.

Nb Black Pearl was leaving Morse lock as I returned.

… and back to the pond:

Thought this was a fairly obvious snap to take.

And to finish the day, here’s a grebe.

More Monday pics here.

Tuesday Froth:
Nowt to note.

There’s a quantity of kittens on the compost heap back of the Cricket/Bowls club. These are two of ’em.

Wednesday Fifth
Always beautiful. The sun seems to shine out of this bloom.

Always beautiful. The sun seems to shine out of this bloom.

The idiot gull in between the grebe and the swan was apparently building a nest, in September!.

Spiky thistles give way to soft thistledown.

Thrusday sicksth
Retford on t’bus then walked out to Hop Pole and to Clayworth & back. Rough map of walk.

It’s September the sixth FFS!

A Small Copper I’m told. It was about 1cm long.

This is the first year that I’ve discovered Dragon/Damsel-flies. There might be overmany of them around. (around my pics that is not …) Beautiful creatures though.

There were two families of swans. This is the first in Hayton.

Remember Ronald Searle? The ponies? Say No More …

A pair of Buzzards high overhead. Only managed to catch one.

Looked very military.

Oops, another dragonfly. (you were warned)

The second swan family of the day – this one’s at Clayworth

Here’s lookin’ at you! (sorry)

A pretty feather to finish the day.

Red Admiral

Mating, but who is doing what, to whom and with which, I don’t have a clue


(friday seems to have been dropped off by WordPress for some reason.Anyhow here ’tis)

If you don’t see ’em move, you don’t see ’em. Camouflage is terrific.

These two fled from the bank as I approached. Almost as if they’d guilty consciences or summat.

A small tortoiseshell for your viewing pleasure


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