Lib Effin Dems

I don’t do politics but …

Leaflet through the door today:

We in the Liberal Democrats believe in talking with and listening to the voters who elect us. As we haven’t been active in this area recently, we are starting off by running a short survey so we can get to know you and your concerns better. …

It goes on to ask a load (12) questions about the area but it is number 12 that takes the biscuit:

Question 12:
What is your view on the Coalition’s
efforts to tackle Britain’s record national

Not cutting enough
Cuts about right
Cutting too much
Don’t know

For starters is it a record national debt?

Secondly: when the whole financial sector and our political “masters” can’t agree, what’s the point of asking we peasants in Worksop our views on the “efforts”.

What I do know is that these Liberal Democrat clowns are aiding and abetting the Tories in their destruction of the country.:

I was born before the NHS and it looks as if it will die before me.

The way the unemployed are treated is disgusting. I have a friend, a fifty-seven year old woman, who has been made to work 19 hours a week (no prospect of a job or any training) at a charity shop for nothing more than her dole.

I have no direct experience of the way ATOS & the DWP are treating those less able but what I read seems beyond all humanity.

There’s so much else that they’re doing that’s reprehensible but these twonks support them and want my support.

I emailed them:

How you’ve got the cheek to shove anything through my letterbox I don’t know. Aiding and abetting the tories in their destruction of this country as you are. You are lower than the lowest and I trust that we’ll never see another LibDem elected to any office higher than dog catcher. By he way I voted LibDem at the last General Election – what a mistake!

and received a reply:

Dear Mr Bunting,
Thank you for your response. As you may have guessed, I do not agree with you point of view but am more than willing to here what you have to say.
The reason I asked you to complete my survey was to see what issues are important to voters in Worksop because, unlike either the Tories or labour, we in the Lib Dems want to hear what you, the voters have to say even when we don’t agree with it.
One thing I can promise you that over the coming months you will receive more leaflets from me. While you may not agree with me on national issues, all I ask is that you read what I have to say on local issues.

Thank you

Leon Duveen

PS Luckily we don’t elect dog catchers in this country and anyway I would make a lousy one as I don’t get on with dogs

Love that “over the coming months you will receive more leaflets from me”.
Way to fill up the wheely bins.

Local issues are nothing if national policies are ripping the heart out of the country.

Quite honestly I think they’re a load of crap and deserve to be an ex party

This party is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! … It’s kicked the bucket, it’s shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARTY!!

They can’t divorce the national from the local: they’re all Liberal (effin’) Democrats.

Rant over

Oh, the thirteenth but unnumbered question:

Finally, would you be prepared to help the
Lib Dems in their campaign in your area?

Err … now let me think … er … NO!

2 thoughts on “Lib Effin Dems

  1. I will skip over your publicising what was a private e-mail to you without permission and say that, unlike other parties, we in the Lib Dems welcome dialogue and a free exchange of views. The only people I have a problem with are those who refuse even to listen to voices that don’t agree with them. Unfortunately, in the short time I have been active in party politics, it is mainly people who support the Labour Party who fall into this category.

    I agree with you that national & local politics cannot be totally divorced but there are still many powers that local politicians (both at the District & even more at the County level) control and it important to hold them to account not just vote in one bunch because the other lot are in Government in Westminster. It is still important to elect councillors who are responsive to the community they represent and this is why I am hoping to stand next May

    One of the areas that distinguishes Lib Dems is our commitment to devolving more powers to local people, which is why I am campaigning for a local Town Council for Worksop.

    I think it a shame you are already saying that won’t even read what I have to say. I doubt if you will agree with me on all issues but please read the leaflets. I am always willing to discuss and argue with you on points of disagreement.

    Leon Duveen


    • Before “publicising” your email (I don’t think my 10 or so readers really count as publicity) I checked all over it for any “confidential” notice. Nowhere was there an indication of “privacy”. May I suggest that if you wish not to be republished that some indication is put in communications in the future.

      It wouldn’t concern me if you were to have a platform of “Giving all people called ‘Roger’ £1000 per week” – you are judged by your masters in government and they are ripping the country to shreds. Nothing you say or do will ever have any effect on me, unlike the depredations being perpetrated by your party’s leaders in parliament.

      I will give your leaflets the same treatment as I would to any piece of tripe that comes through my letterbox.




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