Second September

More pics wot I tweeted

Mostly, of course, round the pond & down the canal, but first, Saturday 8th, a walk down from Kiveton Park home.

This red admiral was on the bush that had been covered in peacocks last week.

Probably the commonest butterfly I’ve seen; a speckled wood.

The colours of this dragonfly, a hawker of some kind(?), are splendidly art deco.

Its head is reminiscent of medieval armour.

Saturday was a very hot day but that didn’t mean a lot to this goth:


Sunday 9th
Water Lilies are really beautiful.

Between the cricket club, the bowling green and the canal a family of kittens have taken up residence.

Back at Morse Lock a robin had taken charge,

Monday 10th

Nothing to really take note of.
A swan was startled by a dog.

Tuesday 11th

Rained while out with LWWD. This rainbow made it worth getting wet.

The heron’s got a new preferred place near peg 1.

A thrush.

Wednesday 12th

A couple of birds landing:
A mallard …
… and a heron.

These beasties always seem worthy of note:

Thursday 13th

Walked to Clumber Park

Pics in no particular order:

Our old friend the Speckled Wood butterfly.


An ‘arty’ pic of Godfrey’s pond’s heron.

Clumber chapel.

A big black bird on its own is a crow, a lot of big black birds are rooks. This is a rook on its own (Corvus frugilegus).

Stone benches at the lakeside have lion’s heads at the arms.


Retford was once the hop growing centre of the UK.

Just a few of these harebells on the way to Clumber.

I’ve never been across the lake but intend to next week.
Squirrels are unafraid of anyone.


Gotta be the smallest animal I’ve snapped.

Bumped, almost literally, into this fox. He walked up and checked me out before strolling calmly away. There’s more pics of the fox here.

Back at Godfrey’s pond the swan was showing off to the heron.

The kingfisher appeared shooting across the lake. Impossible to catch on the move but here’s a taster:

Friday 14th
One of the swans decided to fly half down the lake below me.
Across the far side a grebe was downing a fish. Not a good pic but hey it was a long way away!

That’s all folks


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