Third post of September

Saturday 15th

Started, as usual, with a walk round the pond:

Red Admiral on elderberries at the pond

The heron was in his newly preferred place.

And a wren was flitting about in the branches.

Down the canal:

A (common darter?) dragonfly on nettles

Here’s me feeling “arty” again with reflections.


Walked from the bus, round King’s Park & back:

Plenty to see but nothing new until this rat in the “Japanese” pond

Sunday 16th

Only the pond.

Here’s something I’ve not seen before: a mallard with a fish. I presume that she’d found it dead on the water.

Just to set the record straight, here’s a grebe with a fish.

A couple of mallards got the season wrong.

Tuesday 18th

(Nothing to report for Monday)
Walked to Clumber again

Thought this would make a lovely Christmas card.

Squirrel wandering across the road just outside Hardwick village

Hops: an area to the west of Retford was the main hop-producing region of England until German hops were introduced to Kent.

Clumber chapel has buttresses holding the spire above te roof.

Red Admirals seem to have taken over as the commonest butterfly.

This kestrel was on College Pines golf course on the way back.

A bloody big mushroom. That’s a fifty pence piece.

Wednesday 19th

Round the pond and then Ranby to Retford


A robin on Morse lock.

A slug, just for Christine.

You couldn’t see this and not photograph it.

Berries on wire: jewels on a veil.

Half a wing missing, but flying OK!

Another common darter

Ranby -> Retford

The willow trees between Ranby and the Barracks corner are beautiful.

Between the two Forest middle locks tere were hundreds of Red Admirals …

… and the odd Comma. (back and front)

Thought this was rather impressive.

Rope marks on Lady bridge

Thursday 20th

Only the pond

Slug with a house.

She’s flashing, he looks very shocked.

Friday 21st

Pond again

Jenny brought her latest.

Another one for Christine. Hee!

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