Final post of September

Saturday 22nd

The heron has apparently decided to make his chief fishing place right next to peg1

Dew on the grass is always worth noticing

beautiful plumage, the Norwegian Blue sparrow

Sunday 23rd

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had a daily Obligatory Grebe Picture. I stopped to avoid user fatigue but here’s one for today.

Alongside the towpath: an elf city.

Reed in the sun

Monday 24th

Rather wet day. Even rain can be good to see.

Toss up which was wetter: canal or towpath.

Robin sheltering

Tuesday 25th

Jenny, one of the LWWD brought her latest. He’s called Oscar and is the size of a bag of sugar – but not as heavy! (wearing a cut down baby’s T-shirt here)

One of my favourites: a teasel (or teazel)

Wondered who’d destroyed the plastic ball-stopper netting round the football pitch? Wonder no more.


Left → right: my tum; Gingernuts; Gingerkit: desk.

Wednesday 26th

Gotta be one of the best grebe pics!

I think I was snapping the reed, but the water is pretty good too.

Thursday 27th

Gloomy, no?

Benji’s explaining something to Oscar.

Oscar. All together now: “aaaaawwwww”

Rather perfect pic of a comma butterfly.

Spider on the web at Stret lock

Sunshine, shadows and reflections under Sandy Lane bridge.

Mussel shell pulled out below Stret lock.

The two grebes at the east end are vigorously defending their patch against the remaining western grebe.

Discussing tactics.

Lost at sea.

Not the best picture. Dragonfly at bottom left enlarged. It was a long way away.

One of the pair attacking towards the singleton. The rarely contact each other, relying on aggressive displays.

Friday 28th

Seen these all along the canal, no idea what they are. Pretty, though.

This is a rather good pic, IMHO. The eastern pair discussing again.

… and ATTACK!

Saturday 29th

A friend’s colourless chandelier drop hanging in the sunlight.

(sorry for shouting but I love this picture)

Everyone’s seen ’em but how many’ve really looked?

Sunday 30th

This is where the Eastern grebes built their nest. About 10 feet from the slipway. Rather too easy to disturb …

… and when disturbed …

These little birds are often seen but rarely noticed.

This is where the heron goes when he’s buggered off.

On October first the devil kisses blackberries, making them sour.

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