1-7 October

Monday 1st

Accidentally spooked the heron …

… he(?) took off down the pond and over towards the stream.

Something about dew on grass. Why doesn’t it seem to wet: lying there in globules.

Hireboat Robin Hood passed through.

While a grebe rested …

… a mallard pair practiced making the next generation.



Tuesday 2nd

Pond in the morning.

Little Oscar in wet grass.

A snail stretching across two pieces of reed.

Gingernuts kippin’ on t’keyboard.

The top gate of Morse lock was jammed an inch or two open. The bottom gates leak so much that they might as well not be there. I tweeted C&RT and the culprit, a fishing umbrella, was removed in moments.

Only a sparrer!

Wednesday 3rd

Sunrise over Godfrey’s pond


A tit of some kind (did I say I’m no ornithologist?) blackberrying.

A red darter dragonfly.

Thursday 4th

Heron again!

Magpie takes off.

Walking from Ranby I was passed by this kayaker going to Osberton and back to Ranby.

One of the last butterflies this year? A comma.

I presume this is a disease or something, but it’s pretty.

Spider web with a load of captures.

What is this the top of?

Bracebridge pumping station chimney.

Friday 5th

More mallards “at it”. Isn’t it the wrong season?


Sunday 7th

This grebe was dancing like mad …

… for about ten minutes.

I think this is a little grebe. (the others are of course great crested grebes)

Final one of a spider!


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