Second week of October

Just uploaded all stuff from blogger to this blog. Caused some consternation by tweeting every time it uploaded a post.

Monday 8th

Only walked the pond and down to town and back.

Heron was overlooking the narrows.

“Shaggy ink cap” or “lawyer’s wig” edible fungus growing out of the entrance to Morse lock.

The heron buggered off.

Tuesday 9th

Same walk as yesterday.

As usual a grebe.

And couldn’t let this pic go by.

Down the towpath there were signs that a horse had been past.

Wednesday 10th

Grebe has a fish for elevenses.

A “red darter” dragonfly on the towpath.

Thursday 11th

See previous post “Whitwell to Worksop”.

Friday 12th

Amused me: tidy rabbit!

This struck me as worth a pic. Only ripples on the canal.

The lone tufted duck near the shopping centre.

Saturday 13th

Silver birch leaves curtaining down.

Sunday 14th

Swans. No need to explain why I chose this pic, surely.

This pair struck me. The female so nearly monochrome and the drake brilliant green of his head.

This is about the nearest the heron can be approached. Near peg1.

Two grebes for the price of one.

Hips. Dog rose fruit.

Narrowboat Archimedes, which normally moors at Shireoaks Miners’ Welfare just above Deep lock.

Took Benji for a walk after lunch.

One thought on “Second week of October

  1. How gorgeous is Benji! Hi Roger, Ive not stopped by for ages, but I’m glad to see that you have recovered well from your heart problems. Must do the walk through Shireokes again soon.



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