October: thrid wk

Just more Tweeted pics.


At home (5 in the morning!)

Generation gap of ginger moggies.

Round the pond:

The “eastern” pair of grebes.

Heron through the bushes.

Down the canal a mallard pair “at it”.

Ever looked at a female mallard?

Said it before, but swans are so photogenic.


A pair of cormorants were not endearing themselves to the anglers around the pond.


An old favourite: ripples on the canal.

One of the “eastern” grebes shaping up against …

… the western grebe.

While a mallard drake poses on the posing log.


Went to Sheffield with a friend who had a hospital appointment.

Playing with a filter!

Always have to get Vulcan.

Rainbow over Sheffield (Midland as it was) station.

Back in Worksop we called on Jenny and were attacked by her three dogs including Oscar.


Still on the attack.

“Shaggy ink-cap” or “lawyer’s wig” fungi near Morse lock.

After having it off.

Grebe with a fish.


The heron flies up and down the pond once or twice a day.

Here’s the heron a bit closer.

Love the things the eye passes without noting.

Here’s the maker.

Always a pleasure to see and hear.

Haws and lichen.

Said the heron was often scooting up and down the pond!




Two grebes.


Beyond saying it’s a gull, I’ve no idea what sort of bird this is.

Whatever the name it’s beautiful.

Really beautiful! (wonder where they get the lippy)

Fifth grebe pic of the day

Posing. (see Tuesday’s poser)

Two pairs of moorhens fighting, presumably territorial?

Nice pre-sunset sky.

The actual sunset.


Grebe again!

Did rather too good a job with this: it was really misty before I started ‘shopping it.
Season of mists …

… and mellow …

… fruitfulness.

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