End of October

Once again, I’ve done nowt this week(+) so here’s the pics I’ve tweeted.

Most of these pictures are better appreciated if clicked on to show them full size.

First off is an oldy from April. It’s Scooby (one of the LWWD’s dogs). I printed a few pics off for her and this one’s not bad:


Tuesday 23rd

Really like this: “Swans in the mist”

The posing mallards again

The resident heron with a fish.

It’s certainly a Wagtail but whether it’s a Yellow or a Grey, I know not.

Web in the mist.

Blackbird up a tree.

How many pictures of a heron buggering off can one person take?


Friday 26th

A grebe with a fish as big as its head

A couple of grebes having a chat.

Down the canal a carpet of leaves

The grocer’s apostrophe in Worksop market.

Saturday 27th

Dead flowers.

Mushrooms on a tree stump on the canal bank opposite the shopping centre.

There’s still a few roses around.

Autumnal silver birches above the pond.

Titled “Burning Bush”, the Autumn colours here are quite striking.

Monday 29th

Ever now and then I have to snap the #1 dog

Robins are always photogenic.

The tufted ducks have reappeared on the pond – winter can’t be far behind.

When a grebe wants to get somewhere fast but can’t be bothered to fly, it’ll run on the water.

Noisy neighbours.

Tuesday 30th

Another robin pic!

It’s a bird, innit? It’s a bloody sea bird . .. it’s not any bloody flavour.

Swans leaving the pond.

Yet another heron departing (buggerin’ off)

Wednesday 31st

On Monday they began work on Stret lock. They’re going to completely remove one side and rebuild it. So far they’re still scaffolding and draining it.


Winter is a’coming on. Next time out on a walk I’ll use the 18-70 lens to show scenery more.

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