November first post

Not at my best so I’ve not walked anywhere so all pics are within a couple of miles of home.

Thursday 1st

Loads of seagulls are back on the pond heralding winter.

On my daily walk up to see the work at Stret lock there’s always the view back down towards town/

Had to ask Twitter to identify this bird …

… it’s a goosander.

“Full flaps” “Landing gear down!”

#OGP “Obligatory Grebe Pic”

Saturday 3rd

Setting up fireworks for the Rugby Club bonfire.

Monday 5th

Sparrows. They and blackbirds are the birds I see most.

Tuesday 6th

There’ll be a lot of Autumn pics, cause autumn’s so photogenic.
This is the Chesterfield canal above Deep lock.

Silver birch up the canal.

Froth. This reminded me of something but I can’t think what.

Gingernuts on the warm laptop.

Wednesday 7th

Sky over the pond.

What you get when you take a picture directly into the sun.

Ripples on the canal; or is it a bathroom window?

Another “sky over the pond” picture.

Thursday 8th

Pleased with this grebe pic.


Stret lock under repair.

Pudsey outside Greggs in town.

Friday 9th

Hard up for subjects so here’s another gull.

Early for doctor’s appointment so walked down to the Priory church. Here’s the gatehouse.

I did say I was short of subjects didn’t I? Some autumn leaves.

Saturday 10th

Yellow underparts but it’s not a “Yellow” wagtail it’s a …

Grey wagtail.

Above Deep lock (again).

Leaves on water, With water on leaves.

Molehills on the tiny island between lock and bywash.

Molehills on the tiny island between lock and bywash.

Capping stones removed from lock wall. Over a ton each some of ’em. No powered cranes in the 1780s!

Bored with seagulls yet?

Even when I show you more?

Sunday 11th

Only a sparrow but …

… it is pretty, isn’t it?

Things you can do with “the Gimp” (poor man’s photoshop).

The willow tree on the way to town.

That’s all this week, I’ll do better next.

4 thoughts on “November first post

    • The goosander was on the canal just about level with the 20 mile marker. It stayed not long and was away almost immediately after I’d snapped it.

      I’ve realised that the foam reminds me of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. (Seems as if the next commenter is using witchcraft)


    • I too like bare trees against the sky. (actually that should be obvious to anyone who’s followed my pics for a while) I think they look so skeletal and wintry.
      How did you know about The Scream? Be you reading my mind or have I written it somewhere in my dreams
      I’m OK actually – just that the hip starts to ache after about ½ mile and I haven’t been further – it normally goes off after about a mile.
      How are you an prospect of coming over for lunch @ the LockKeeper? I’d love to see you.



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