Second post of November

First off: I was looking through some old pics on my computer and found some from only a year and a half ago of grebes courting. I’ve uploaded them here (link).

On to (some of) the pics I’ve taken this month:

Monday twelfth

Just liked the autumnal colours.

Tuesday thirteenth

Swan on the pond having a preen.

Stret lock is still being worked on.

The robin near Morse lock bywash bridge is generally unafraid and poses well.

Just a rose.

Wednesday fourteenth

First grebe of the post.

A tit of some kind. I’m no ornithologist.

Moss covered stone below Stubbing Lane weir.


Narrowboat Uccello had been up as far as the winding hole and was on its way back down. They had to wait fr C&RT guys to finish.

Thursday fifteenth


Lock beams are tenoned together.

Skyline and reflectiion with birches.

Grebe with fish.

Ripples on the canal.

Sunset over the pond.

Sunset through birch tree.

Pond after sunset.

Grebe against the light.

Friday sixteenth

Assorted leaves on the canal.

A pair of pochard.

Pochard encore.

Having a stretch.

Hawthorn with lichen.

Saturday seventeenth

Yellow hawthorn and green ivy.

More lichen.

Sunday eighteenth

Squeak has taken to sleeping on the sundry plugs, cables and PSUs behind the laptop.

Not the most graceful of fliers, yer average grebe.

The don’t land particularly well, either.

The pair on the east end having a chat about their single neighbour.

Fruit of the Ivy.

Monday nineteenth

Female blackbird.

Thursday twenty-second

I have no idea why I thought these worthy of record but here the are.

Friday twenty-third

The cormorants are still occasional visitors. Here’s one departing with speed (buggerin’ off)

Aaaaawwww! Ain’t he cute?

Mallards on the canal.

Saturday twenty-fourth

‘Twas very frosty this morning.

It misted up as time went by.

Mist on the canal.

Discarded in the canal.

The willow that was cut down across the canal has regenerated somewhat. It’ll be interesting to see how it grows.

“Never photograph straight into the sun”

The coppers in town were getting into the spirit. The lights were due to be switched on at six. This was about three o’clock and it started raining.

Probably my favourite picture of the week:

A gull a tad too late to steal fish off a goosander.

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