Python at Stret lock

Chesterfield Canal Trust’s boat “Python” came down from its mooring at Shireoaks Miners’ Welfare to entice the public to the water while the lock was open. They reversed down at least from Haggonfields bridge. (I should have asked how far they’d come backwards.) It’s no picnic driving a narrowboat in reverse, the rudder is virtually useless and much work has to be done by an experienced hand using a bargepole at the sharp end.

Here she comes.

Poling out from the bank.

Nearly in.

Through the gate.

Slowly but surely.

That’s it, she’s in now!

Bottom gates open, now to get out.

The view of the lock from under Highground bridge.

Slowly she creeps out.

Not made for reversing, narrowboats.

And there she is, ready to moor up.

One thought on “Python at Stret lock

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