Friday, Saturday

Just a couple of days of selected pics

We’ve now got a pair of grebes who seem to be building a nest already. Can we tell ’em it’s only February! All the other birds are singing, especially the robins, blackbirds and thrushes.
Mallards, of course, have been having it off all winter. They’re sex mad!
We’ve a resident female She’s been around on the canal and later on the pond for over a week. I’d no idea what it was until I asked on Twitter and on RSPBclick.
The goosanders are come and go. There’s usually one but occasionally more. Looking at their hooked beaks you can see how they catch fish. If there’s more than one they seem to cooperate, forming a segment of a circle to dive at once and presumably herd fish to each other.

Find all my pictures hereclick (todays and yesterdays are not up yet: I have to “tag” and resize ’em all first) Tags are so that pictures can be “searched” for and the resizing stops folk nicking full size ones and speeds up uploading. Anyone with a decent reason can have full size copies emailed.

Click to embiggen:

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