18th Feb – to Ranby

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So, on Monday I walked to Ranby along the Cuckoo way.
First though round the pond.

Robin singing

Robins are being territorial in their quests for mates.

Down Dock Road there’s the flour mill across the water …

Riveted joint down a <i>thing</i> at the flour mill.

Rivetted joint down a thing at the flour mill.

… and the Creative Village seems to be ready for use:

Ever glad you’re not a female mallard? Here’s two drakes having their evil way with a poor duck.

Mallards <i>at it</i>

Mallards at it

Rather liked this harbinger of spring:

Leaf bud

Leaf bud

The mechanisms at Bracebridge lock aren’t enclosed although they’ve got anti-vandal locks:

Lock mechanism

Lock mechanism at Bracebridge

The old pumping station is worth a look. Shame it’s so obviously going to fall to ruin.

Chimney top

The work that went in to something as mundane as a sewage pumping station’s chimney!

The scrubland between canal and river was showing early signs of spring:

Gorse blossom

Gorse blossom



There was a heron just west of the Manton viaduct:

13:15:57 Chesterfield canal Kilton Low to Manton Turnover 18 Feb 13 434

Manton Turnover bridge, at the western end of the Osberton estate, is an excellent example of a turnover bridge.

Manton Turnover bridge from a distance

Manton Turnover bridge from a distance

The snake pathway round and under the bridge.

The snake pathway round and under the bridge.


This bird flew across a sheep field in the distance. A passer-by identified it as a buzzard but I thought it was more “kestrelly”.

Kestrel or Buzzard

Distant Kestrel or Buzzard?

Some things just catch my fancy. A small copse of conifers full of old cones and new leaf buds next to the towpath.



In all there must have been a dozen herons here, that I saw. So how many there were altogether heaven knows.



The shallow cutting past Osberton Hall and stables is pituresquified by the two bridges:

Osberton lock used to be the home of Nb Pebley, I am told it’s been sold and is now resident at Shireoaks Marina.
There’s snowdrops …

… and feathers …

Down feather


… and chaffs.



The first, but not the last, sighting of Canada Geese:

Flock of Canadas doin' the buggerin' off at my approach

Flock of Canadas doin’ the buggerin’ off at my approach

Bus home.

All the pictures from the walk are here on Flickr.

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