Last bit of April

Friday 26th April

A day’s pics with no birds!
Just up the canal there’s a patch of daffs and narcissi under a blackthorn.

Looking rather insectile – hazel buds sprouting.

sunsetAnd here’s a rather fetching sunset through the poplars.

Saturday 27th

There’s a poor mallard female under there being pursued and, there’s only one word for it, raped by two males with her brood of chicks around.

Sunday 28th

Empty nest and first definite sighting of grebe chicks. On mum’s back.

Monday 29th April





Mum and dad with the chicks. There’s actually four as you’ll see next month.

PiedWagand here’s a pied wagtail buggerin’ off.


That’s all for April: on to May →

6 thoughts on “Last bit of April

  1. The grebes are what got me in to photographing. Never actually known why it was called “The Poplars”, premusably at one time there were such.

    More pics coming in about an hour (ish)


    • The poplars are just outside my door, so I rarely notice them. That sky through them was too much to miss. (If I recall, I darted out in my stockinged feet to get the pic) [Googleview:,-1.12696&spn=0.000651,0.001118&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=53.307475,-1.12696&panoid=IE1sEjkLzdI2NSU4dIIuBw&cbp=12,287.83,,0,1.62 ]

      Do you have robins in Oz? Or would all the poisonous nasties do ’em in? They are the one bird that seems to pose for pics.


      • Ha! No, I don’t think we do have Robins here, we have Kookaburras, Magpies and the ubiquitous and irritating Plovers, I’ve seen Crows and lots of little birds that I am unsure of around these parts too. We have a lot of exotic looking rainbow lorikeets and white cockatiels. I can never quite get used to the fact that they just fly around the treetops like ordinary birds when they look like they belong in an aviary 🙂 The cockatiels are my favourite, around sunset they will take off in flocks as you drive by, it’s quite breathtaking. You also see bats a fair bit at dusk – though I am glad we don’t live near any as their dropping are veryer smelly and they carry diseases in these parts – they do look pretty awesome though as they flap overhead. At the ocean you get a lot of Ibis (grotty looking things) and Pelicans.

        Where we live is still surrounded by a lot of bush, so it’s a bit of a zoo in the mornings. Reasonably sure we have a pterodactyl in the bush out back of our estate.

        I am often tempted to let the cat out when the birds start in the summer around 4am- have not yet, and fortunately it is autumn again now so I get to sleep in till about 6am 🙂



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