May first to fifth

Most birds seem to have an inbuilt ‘photographer’s frustration ability’. They will preen and perform until they detect a camera being raised eyeward, then, in the time it takes autofocus to work, they’ll disappear out of frame. the odd lucky pics are included here. That’s one reason for the large proportion of robin pics: they’re the one bird that seems to deliberately pose for portraits.

Also my #1 camera is hors de combat – it’s shouting “ERR” at me but until I can afford to send it off for repair I’m lumbered with the #2 (which is identical but has a blob on its sensor and I’m not about to risk prodding it with cotton buds or anything).

While I’m moaning: my Sigma 70-300 lens only autofocuses one way – towards the 300 – and it sounds like someone eating dry cornflakes at the 300 end – due to being bashed on doorways & walls while extended no doubt, careless pillock that I am. I want a Nikkor 70-300 but at £(n[where ‘n’ is any number between 2 and 10] x 100) that’ll have to wait.

Wednesday 1st

A chiffchaff to begin:

Chiffchaff x 4

Cute little bugger, isn’t (s)he?


A note re. grebes: they tend to stay as far away from land as they can unless actually diving for fish. Thus my pictures of them are largely taken at maximum zoom and are likely to be a bit blurry although I clean them up as much as I can.

MumDadChicksFour pictures of the grebe family – a bit far away, but beggars can’t be choosers.

PearBlossomThere’s a pear tree on the clifflike edge below the school field – it’s about to blossom.

AnthocharisCardaminesButterflies are appearing; here’s an orange tip. It’s apparently a true sign of spring as they don’t overwinter in the imago (adult) stage.

SwallowSwiftBeing an ignoramus I had no idea whether these birds catching low level insects were swallows, swifts, martins or whatever. I am twittertold that they’re swallows.

DuckJust for the hell of it, here’s a passing mallard.

Thursday 2nd

Herons have been absent for most of the winter but are reappearing. They generally spend the early part of the day on the pond – a major food is ducklings.
HeronandingA heron coming in to land. Pterodactyl anyone?

MorningMoonThe moon before 8 in the morning. Not bad for hand held (?)

BullrushesBullrushes gone to seed.

dadfishdadfish2Dad taking his responsibilities seriously. Bringing fish to the young ‘uns.
CopperChopperDunno why they don’t base the copper chopper on the pond. It seems to spend most of its time round here.
ThrushThrush letting the world know it’s here.
SparrowSparrow, or possibly a dunnock(?) a “Little Brown Job” anyhoo.
HeronOffThis is what herons usually do: they bugger off at the sound of a shutter.

Some Butterflies …

SmallWhiteSmall white (Pieris rapae) male

SpeckledWoodSpeckled wood (Pararge aegeria)

SmallTortoiseSmall tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) [note the latin name: “urticae” for “urtica …”, nettle, its staple food plant.] Why they’re called “tortoiseshell” heaven knows, never seen a tortoise with a shell like that.

Some more grebe pics …

GrebeFamilyThe family all together …

Grebe… and dad off hunting dinner.

RobinA familiar picture to end the day.


Friday third

Numbers of bees are declining, according to some, catastrophically.
BigFatBeeA big fat bee!

ChiffchaffLooking up a chiffchaff. Directly above my head: the only picture I could get!

RobinRobin (overdosing on ’em yet?)

Here’s a novelty:
NoGenderGrebeAlways thought it was only the female who carried the kids on her back but here’s both of ’em piggy backing.

PearBlossom23Me being “clever” with the GIMP and a couple of pictures of pear blossom.

CatKippinGingernuts is an idiot!

Saturday the fourth

StarlingNot commonly a well regarded bird but starlings are really beautiful. (Gotta say this is one of my favourite bird pics)

cherryFlowering cherry

CanadasCanada geese arriving.

GrebeFishSuccessful hunt.

MallardFChicksMallard with her brood.

GreenVeinedWhiteGreen-veined White (Pieris napi) showing why it’s called that.

Sunday fifth

Walked up the canal & round the footpaths from Dukes Bridge to Brancliffe and Lindrick and back to Thorpe top. Here‘s a map. (there’s some info on the map which might be of interest.)

BiplaneConTrailThought this was a good pic: biplane against a con trail.

MoorhenA moorhen preening.

ReflectionOnly willow leaves and sky reflected but I like it!

LadyLeeThis is Nb Lady Lee. She used to be moored at the bottom of a garden in Worksop but has moved down stream.

ChaffinchEvery now and then I get an artistic urge: this pic is the result of one such occasion (/sarcasm)

Peacock butterfly (Inachis io) feeding on blackthorn blossom.

JolaCatsNbs Huffler, Charlotte and Jola were moored above the Lock Keeper. Jola‘s cats, well two of them, were investigating the copse next to the towpath.

CatchFishA catch! (Aqueduct below Duke’s Bridge)

PeewitThere’s a field at Brancliffe that seems to be home to a whole flock of peewits. This one was buzzing me, I might have passed near its nest.

MaresTailThink these are mare’s tail. I thought they looked quite extraterrestrial.

TitWireLike a bird on the wire … (love Leonard Cohen)

PeacockCan’t recall exactly where I saw this but ain’t it beautiful?

RamsonsThe wood is starting to smell garlicky as the ramsons blossom opens.

FlyJust look at this beast and admit it’s wonderful

or don’t.

atstGoose.01Canada goose chick doing ATST impression.

MOrangeTipOrange tip on dandelion.
Used to be a snake.


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  1. Don’t know which pic is my favourite – bad tempered Persian, beautiful ransom blossoms, cute ducklings, birds, bees, butterflies and buds. All great! Thanks again – a breath of fresh air for some-one who is virtually housebound at the moment. x


    • The persians are quite friendly – it’s unfortunate their faces belie it. Ramsoms are beautiful but the odour is a tad too much when the woods are totally carpeted by them. (incidentally the singular of “ramsoms” is “ramsoms”) The fauna are fascinating but less visible now the leaves have appeared on the trees.
      How’s the hip going? Any news on the other one?


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