Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

Including a walk to the tunnel entrance at Kiveton and back. with a swimming snake starring.

The top pound was rather cloudy; the dredgers had only just left. In places it looked muddy enough to walk on.

But first, round the pond as usual.
(OY! You can’t start a sentence with “but”!)
(But I can, so there!)
BlueTitBOBluetit doin’ the buggerin’ off.

Chaffinch01Chaffinch just sitting there …

dsc_0777… sparrow likewise


And then up to the top and back. Probably too long to walk in one day – especially after yesterday’s fairly decent trek.
dsc_0811Nb Hugh Henshall after passing Morse lock.

dsc_0830Nb Charlotte at Shireoaks locks.

dsc_0863Think this was Nb Kingfisher.

dsc_0893Wood anemones.

PikePike in the top pound.

dsc_0988Nb Hawthorn at Thorpe bridge.

dsc_0066Nb Lady Lee on the top pound.

dsc_0033Feeder cascade.


dsc_0125 16 mile stone. (caught the sun – sorry)



A grass snake swam past quite in quite a leisurely fashion, despite me and three couples watching it. See the slideshow at the end of this post for more grass snake pics.


PuddingDykeBridgePudding Dike bridge. This bank was mown a few days before I passed – shame – there were a lot of bluebells including a number of white ones there last year – cut down in their prime.

BuzzardDistant raptor – buzzard?

GreyWagtailGrey wagtail – lots of yellow on it but not enough for it to be a yellow wagtail.

dsc_0278Nb Little Lucy a familiar sight.


A final pretty picture:

And the promised swimming grass snake slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wish I knew how to make this static until clicked.

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