May seventh to ninth

Tuesday 7th

Round the pond:
GrebeFamilyFamily all together.

HoverflyAn attempt at catching a hoverfly in flight.

MumKidsA couple of the kids back on the nest, which is slowly disappearing.

robinSilhouetted robin.

ProudMamaMama looks so proud!


WaterfowlGrebe mum & kids cruising down the lake, mallard overhead and tufty passing by.

MoorhenNestingMoorhen climbing into ivy on the canal where she’s building a nest.

LBJGeneric “Little Brown Job” (sparrow or dunnock – you decide)

Wednesday 8th

GrebesKidsFamily picture.

RobinHawthornMe being arty again.

WalkOnWaterThought this was amusing.

Thursday 9th

Got the train to Kiveton Park and walked, first up to the tunnel entrance and then down home.
TunnelEntranceThe Eastern portal of Norwood Tunnel.

HuffCharJolThe three boats, Huffler, Charlotte and Jola were moored at the head of navigation.

TonyDogsTony “Huffler” was walking the dogs down by the rail line.
Incidentally: he complimented me, unintentionally I’m sure. We were talking and I mentioned that it was my birthday on the coming Saturday.
“Fifty?” said he.
“Ha – sixtynine!” I replied.
There’s lovely!

WildernessNb Wilderness was moored at its usual place. Moody, innit?


PinchThere’s three narrowings like this on the top pound. They have slots for stop planks so that sections can be isolated.
(The colours are for real although they do look rather extreme)


Colours in the woods – the ramsons aren’t really out yet – most of these are only buds – and the bluebells haven’t reached their peak.BlueBlue …
white… and white.


I was following the flight of a speckled wood butterfly when a flash of colour caught my eye.
Snap snappetty snap and look what I got:greatSpottedIt’s a great spotted woodpecker. Not the best pictures you’ve ever seen but …


From the sublime to the mundane:waspA wasp. Look at the colours on that!


Told ’em about it:BottNoticeAtTopWhat’s wrong with this notice?
… It tells how to navigate UP a double lock
…… except
……… it’s at the TOP of the lock!
(and you wouldn’t get far up, the bottom chamber isn’t deep enuff!)
0/10 C&RT, think you’d better start again?


To finish

Mallard time:duckletAwwww!!!


DucklingsAttackAttack formation!!!

DuckFamilyMum and the kids.

9 thoughts on “May seventh to ninth

  1. Bluebells 🙂 And the boats. I have wanted to live on a boat like that for more years than I can count. i think I saw one in a TV show as a child. One of these days, I will live on a boat, if not in a canal then somewhere a little further afield 🙂


  2. Wonderful sky over Nb Wilderness. Your usual beautiful pictures. There was a woodpecker pecking away in a tree near the house on Mull. Didn’t see it but kept hearing it. Have seen one in my neighbour’s garden! Love the ducklings! The narrowboat owners obviously spend a lot of time grooming their long haired cats and dogs. Mr Huffler’s right – you don’t look your age.


    • Heh I took almost 1000 pics over two days or so: that’s all that’s “fit to print” Often hear woodpeckers but rarely see ’em. Duckling mortality rate is high – I’d estimate that about 1 in ten survive – pike, magpie, seagull & heron account for most of the rest. Watched a seagull buzzing the grebe family t’other day: daddy (or mummy?) grebe got v v stroppy and chased it off. Most Nb owners have dogs, not many with cats though. Guy on t’pond today tried to impress me with his antiquity: “I’m sixty five, you know!” while moaning about the Polish in Worksop – “Really, I’m 70 next?” I replied – he did look & act a lot older.



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