Tenth to thirteenth May

Friday 10th May

Grebes of course but first a couple of pics that attracted me: BywashMorse lock’s bywash has ripples that change from moment to moment with the wind, the sun and the flow – here they remind me of boiling molten lead! 

LBJsparrow… and a sparrow … … (or a dunnock – I’ve given up on the dunnock/sparrow thing)  

… on to the grebe pics (don’t you love the stripy heads?):
GrebeHydraHere’s mum doing a hydra impression with one of the kids. 
GrebeDadChickFishDad’s just delivered elevenses. 
GrebeFamilyThe whole family. 

Saturday 11th May

69 years ago a boy was born at 38 Lismore Road Sheffield.

HeronBuggerinOffA Heron doin’ the buggerin’ off over Godfrey’s pond,
robinAnother one of those robin pics.

WhitebellsThere seem to be more white bluebells around as time passes.

StainlessThink this is Stainless Stephen murieled onto a Sheffield wall.

Sunday 12th

RobinMore Robin! This one on the newly gravelled Chesterfield canal towpath.

spadgeSparrow (yes it is!)

MGrebeThink this is daddy grebe out getting lunch …

MumKidsGrebes… and Mum and the kids are waiting.


Monday 13th

GrebeFamilyFamily outing


WhitebellsMore Whitebells.


robinNoisy little bugger


sparrowSum spadge pics


chaffinchBeautiful Chaffinch.


chiffchaffAnother of my real favourite pics: a chiffchaff.


6 thoughts on “Tenth to thirteenth May

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  2. I now have some bluebells (fewer every year) white bells but now some pink bells have appeared. I assure you not cultivated by me (or anyone) garden hasn’t been touched for about 3 years. Chris saw a chiffchaff on Ulva. I like the chaffinch best. x



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