Tuesday Fourteenth May to Friday seventeenth

Tuesday May 14

FishA fish on a line.


[pretentious arty warning:]
tuftiesA pair of tufted duck resting.

SpeckledWoodA speckled wood butterfly.




robinWormLighterA “GIMPed”slightly lightened snap of a robin with a worm.


oakFlowerOak tree flowers.


GreenVeinedWhiteGreen veined white (or possibly female orange tip? (or even small white?))


Wed 15 5

GrebeMumKidsGrebe family still there.


robinRobin …robin2…zoomed in.


Swallows over the pond.SwallowVery tricky snapping ’em as they flit over the water.


ThrushA thrush on the rugby field.

Thursday 16th

greenVeinedWhiteFairly certain that this is a green veined white …SmallWhite… and this is a small white.


bowlsSign of summer.


flowerSmall but beautifully marked.


RobinAnd looking up a robin’s bum to finish the day.


Friggleday seven and tenth of May

TwoChoppersNot wildlife but: two choppers overhead – and neither one is the copper chopper.


Robin01The small birds are becoming harder to photograph as the trees green up: here’s a robin.


Heron01The big birds are almost just as visible whatever the season. The heron here is likely to be looking for chicks as much as fish.

duckLooking like a stealth bomber – a female mallard escaping the attentions of randy males.

GoldfinchI assure you that this was a goldfinch. I saw it shortly after from closer but hidden in foliage beyond all photographing.

[pretentious arty warning:]

[pretentious arty warning:]

Heron02Buggerin’ off …Heron03… still.

GrebeFamilyMum and the kids. Really love those stripy heads!

ChaffinchDistant chaffinch …ChaffinchZoom…zoomed.

MallardFamilyDad having a kip, mum looking very proud and the kids off for a swim.
Everyone tells me that this bird in my previous post was a blackcap. I apologise for not having heard of blackcaps before and promise to mend my ways in future – before dogmatically identifying anything I’ll ask.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Fourteenth May to Friday seventeenth

  1. Have never noticed oak blossom before amazing. Friendly looking dog. I love the stripey necks too. Wonderful picture of the heron – they always look so predatory. Thanks for the pics. x



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