Saturday 18th

… to Tue 21st

As trees green with leaves and flowers begin to bloom, birds are harder to see and butterflies easier.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me when I identify something wrongly (not an uncommon occurrence).

Sat 18th May

A couple of sort o’ sporty ones.
GrassRugby field just been mowed (mown?). Pretty patterns in the grass.

CricketMust be summer – the flannelled fools are at it.

Family Family: mum and dad on guard while junior just hangs out.

GrebeYou’d wonder what was wrong if I went a week without a grebe picture.

ChaffinchBirds that pose for you, don’t you love ’em?

RobinCroppedWhat! More robin?
Well, they always pose so well.

Sunday 19th May

As I recall, it was a bit of a waste of a day.

Only one pic and I’m not sure what it is.
BlueThis little beastie was a lot bluer when in flight – a sort of steel blue. Think it’s either a Small Blue [Cupido minimus] – not likely this far north – or a Holly Blue [Celastrina argiolus]. Correction welcomed.

Monday the twentieth of May

leafLeaves doing a flower impersonation. Pretty!

pikePike fisherman with his prey. Note the glove!

CootRipplesPatterns in the water. A coot carrying building material to its nest.

ForgetMeNotBeautiful blue.

SpeckledWoodSpeckled Wood defying a nettle.

OrangeTipOrange tip pair having it orf.

GreenVeined.jpgProbably a green veined white.

pheasantPheasant in the reeds. Spotted me!

Tuesday, May the twenty-first

fishFish, caught.

pretentious arty warning

Mallards2Same mallards, closer.

HorseChestHorse chestnut blossom.

DandelionClockHow near or far from a circle/sphere is this?

ChiffChaffSinging at the top of the tree makes birds visible.
Chiffchaff (?)

3 thoughts on “Saturday 18th

  1. At least they are wearing white, the flanneled fools. I don’t watch sport. At all. I mean not even a second of it, if it can be avoided. And I watch all my TV shows streamed on the laptop to avoid annoyances. So I was horrified when I caught on to the fact very recently that cricketers on TV were wearing colourful clothes. I thought they were rugby players before I looked more closely, The horror 🙂

    Dandelions in their fluffy stage (refuse to look up the technical term for it) always bring back memories like my mind is rifling through a drawer full of old kodaks.


    • You’ve obviously not been assimilated into the true Oz mentality if you don’t watch sport.
      Wear colours do they! I knew it not – I’ve about the same interest in sport as I have in Mongolian aardvark sexing: none.
      Saying that, there’s an image of a sleepy English village with cricket on the green that always stirs a chord somewhere.

      What are these “TV shows” of which you speak? 😉

      Fluffy stage = seeding? Clocks – as a kid would tell the time by how many puffs it took to completely strip the seeds from the head. There was usually one left that wouldn’t shift – taking it past midnight.


      • I didn’t watch it in Scotland, England or the USA either. Oh, not entirely true, I did go to see the Californian Angels (now Anaheim Angels) play basketball a few times. I liked all the singing and chanting and jumping up and down, and colourful antics on the big screens entertaining us, thus my attention only had to be fixed briefly on the antics on the field 🙂

        Last time prior to that that I engaged in sport watching as a child, I recall seeing Bjorn Borg geting beaten by – maybe – John McEnroe

        I’m a huge fan of Hannibal, Bates Motel, Game of Thrones and a few others, am impatiently awaiting the return of Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and the Walking Dead. Streamed on the laptop thus avoiding presenters with delusions of grandeur, ads which turn me into Victor Meldrew and well, basically almost every other type of slop TV stations offer the public in the guise of entertainment.

        I had forgotten that, the time telling. I remember a buttercup reflecting yellow under your chin meant you liked butter – everyone I knew liked butter apparently 🙂 And dandelions were called Pee The Beds where I come from. I read somewhere they have diuretic properties, but never actually ate one so cannot comment 🙂



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