Sunday 26th May ’13

Sunday 26th

Up the canal to Haggonfields lock then through Rhodesia and round Lady Lee quarry.
(after round the pond, obviously)

SparrowOnly a sparrow in the reeds.

DSC_0080Tit or finch? You decide!

SurfacingA grebe caught surfacing. Imagine it gasping a breath in.

Fly45Shining metallic armour of a fly.

RedBlackDunno what this beasty is – it was very red when it was in flight but more black when settled.
Looks a bit like some kind of super villain.(Darth Maul perchance?)

Bee56A bee on the ground. They seem to wander around on the ground quite a lot.

DaisyCommon as muck but pretty. I like the pink tinged petals and the pollen specks doubtless dropped by laden insects.

JoeSBirdsA guy whose house backs on to the pond has bird boxes with cameras. Here’s a snap of his screen of bluetits in the nest.

FamilyThe little ‘un was scurrying along seemingly on top of the water.

BlossomNot a bride’s headband, although it wouldn’t take a lot of work to make one..

SmallWhiteA small white. Smaller than a large white – hence the name!

Swan3Swan resting a leg. They often idle around with one foot over their back.

RaggedRobinI’ve always called these flowers “raggéd robin” but looking the name up on t’net it seems I’m wrong. So what are they?
ENUFF ALREADY! Silene dioica (Red Campion)

TortoiseshellTortoiseshell only a little nibbled at the rear. Another overwinterer?

speckledSpeckled wood. Got really close to this one.

BlueI forget what these blue flowers are called.Myosotis?

LadyLeesLady Lee looking quite tropical.

LadyLeeRockssFolded rocks in the wall of Lady Lee quarry. Geology – don’cha luvit?

5 thoughts on “Sunday 26th May ’13

  1. Just love those little blue flowers. They remind me of some flowers my daughter and I grew in a pot when she was little. They were supposed to attract fairies – not sure if it worked, but they were very pretty 🙂 And there is a place near Glasgow called Hogganfield Loch – my brain was trying to tell me you had spelled it wrong till I recalled – oh no, he’s in England 🙂


    • Stayed at Stepps Craigendmuir caravan park in 2004(ish) just a mile or so from Hogganfield Park. Lost all Glasgow pics in computer malfunction damnit. 😦
      Never heard fairies connection with forget-me-nots but: “In 15th-century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers.” (Wikipedia)


      • Yes, they weren’t Forget Me Nots, they were some Australian flower. My knowledge of Oz flora and fauna is rather limited, I’m afraid. A female friend once gave me a Forget Me Not ornament (shaped like a little book) with a poem inside it about love. I just thought it was really pretty. It took me years to realise she was probably trying to tell me something, and even then only because another friend pointed it out to me. Subtlety just doesn’t work on me 🙂 Not that I would have been interested but she must have thought I was as thick as a brick! Anyway, It is 1.47am and I am tired and rambling, will stop now 🙂


  2. The red and black beastie is a day-flying moth (I don’t know the name). They feed on poisonous plants as caterpillars (which are also brightly coloured) and retain the poisons to make them unappetising to birds; hence the bright warning colours.
    I always find Lady Lea quarry a bit disappointing when I visit.


    • Rather struck by the moth’s brilliant (can black be brilliant?) colours. Seen ’em often but rarely managed to snap one.
      Lady Lee is rather disappointing from a visitor’s viewpoint but I suppose it’s good for the inhabitants. The wild life is quite varied – I’ve seen all manner of insects and the odd grass snake and a couple of unidentified lizards there.



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