Flaming June

Decent weather sun and a slight breeze.

Oak before ash,
We’re in for a splash.
Ash before oak,
We’re due for a soak.
No idea which came first this year, I’ll try to take note for 2014.

Saturday First

Only round the pond and down to town and back.
ThreeGrebeletsThree of the grebe chicks. They’re training to fish now, diving under supervision from one parent or the other.

GrassSeedSeeds on a head of grass.

CraneFly“Daddy long legs” crane fly on a nettle. Not sure what’s where on this insect.

Sunday Second

Pond, canal, Brancliffe, Lindrick, Thorpe Locks, home.
LindrickBack_0316titTwo views of a long-tailed tit.

LindrickBack_0427MidgesAn (unsuccessfull) attempt to capture a swarm of midges over the canal.

LindrickBack_0477SethCC Trust tripboat Seth Ellis turning in to Shireoaks Marina. She was up from the Hop Pole giving short trips from the Lock Keeper.

LindrickBack_0506HorseWhite (or is it gray?) horse doing a pretty good Stubbs impression.

Swallows at Brancliffe farm.
(Click to enlarge)


LindrickBack_0595ChaffinchChaffinch just inside Moses’ Seat wood.
LindrickBack_0609RamsonsThe north side of the wood down to the river is floored with ramsons.

LindrickBack_0618FeederBrancliffe canal feeder passes under the small cliff at the edge of Moses’ seat.

LindrickBack_0674TreeOptimistic ash tree on a rock in Lindrick Dale quarry.

LindrickBack_0696PheasantCock pheasant doin’ the buggerin’ off.

LindrickBack_0720BirdSparrow sized Little Brown Job, indeed it might even be a sparrow.

Back on the canal, the pound immediately below Thorpe Locks bridge was empty.
(Click to enlarge)

Interesting: the arch top to the towpath side paddle void.

LindrickBack_0772CrowAs black as a tar barrel!


LindrickBack_0893SethTrip boat Seth Ellis again this time with St John’s church spire reflected.

Monday Third

Two days round t’pond and down to town is all.
DSC_0939grebefishOn the pond daddy grebe taking fish to the bairns.

DSC_0991FOrangeTipFemale Orange tip butterfly. The females don’t have the orange tips that give them their name.

(Click to enlarge)

Tit hiding in the fork of a tree.

DSC_0048WhiteDuckWhite duck doin’ the buggerin’ off. Wonder if they get any lift from the water like a GEV.

Tuesday fourth

DSC_0027BunnyEars and one eye of a bunny rabbit hiding in a hedge bottom – about two feet away.

DSC_0034CorsairflyPlaneSometimes planes fly quite low overhead. Here’s a French “Corsair Airline” plane heading north.

DSC_0050BlossomCanalA raft of hawthorn blossom with a lone downy feather in Worksop winding hole.

DSC_0057ConvergingConvergent flights.

3 thoughts on “Flaming June

  1. The butterfly, the spire, the duck and the woods, all hurt my heart a little, in a good way. I have never heard the Ash rhyme before, but hope you didn’t “cast a cloot till May was oot” or no doubt something dire will befall 🙂


    • Spire and duck are within a few hundred yards of the scruffy town of Worksop and the woods are only a matter of a few miles away – you’re missing nothing. Did you know that, according to some magazine’s poll(Heat?), Australia is the happiest place in the world? Nostalgia’s good though. 🙂

      [know-it-all-warning-of-irrelevantly-googled-stuff] The “May” in the ‘ … clout … out’ warning is referring to may (hawthorn) blossom. Still call hawthorn trees “may trees”
      It was bad luck to bring may blossom into the house: I recall my father, who was as superstitious as a brick, banning even the cutting of may blossom (we had a tree at the top of our garden), let alone bringing it into the house.


      • Oh, it’s a great place, if you were born here. Thorough response to that would be an entire post of its own. Ideally I would live here 6 months and Scotland 6 months of the year. Well, a girl can dream 🙂

        We always thought it to mean you were not to take any of your clothes off – eg vests and whatnot, until the end of May or you might just freeze to death – always a possibility where I grew up 🙂



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