Thursday Fourth of July

Just one day’s pics uploaded

04July13_4224ringletRinglet butterfly on blackberry.  

04July13_4147beesNow, I thought these were bees but Twitter leads me to “Drone Fly“.  

04July13_4069lilliesThe little patch of lilies on the pond is flowering well.  

04July13_4055A bee on its travels …04July13_4049bee… and at work.  

04July13_4028Commonest butterfly round the pond at the moment: Speckled wood on a nettle (why don’t they get stung?) …04July13_4027… and sunbathing.  

Here’s some Ringlet pics:

And Skippers:
04July13_3996 04July13_396904July13_3943 

04July13_3991A grasshopper type of thing.  


04July13_3948bluetailmatingA pair of blue tailed damsels ‘avin’ it orf

Godfrey's pond

G O D F R E Y ‘ S

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