Friday 5th, Retford to Ranby

I had a right tussle with computers to get this far. I lost a whole load of pics on one machine, found ’em on the 2Tb external drive, lost ’em again and finally(!?) found some of ’em again.

Last Friday (5th July) got bus to Retford & walked to Ranby on the Chesterfield Canal towpath. I’d taken over 1400 pics, the new camera does repeat pics at enormous speed. The pictures I’ve found are the ones I’d extracted bits from.

Mostly dragon/damselflies but there’s a grass snake in the water among them. If I’ve misidentified anything, please let me know.
DSC_4816BlueReflect Common blue damselfly reflected.



Spotted me and fled – disappeared in the reeds on the far side of the canal.

DSC_4889CommonBlueAtItPair of common blue damselflies “at it”.

DSC_4901CommonBluesTwo common blues on the bankside.

DSC_4916PerchNot great on fish but I think these are perch.

A couple of common blues in flight. Not the easiest to snap:DSC_4965BlueDSC_4973Blue

DSC_4991BroadBodiedChaserGot this down as a “broad bodied chaser” dragonfly.

DSC_5086DragonflyLaying the next generation.

DSC_5116DragonflyCaught in flight!

DSC_5143DragonDamselDamsel watching a dragon.

DSC_5166TortoiseshellNot seen a lot of these about yet: Tortoiseshell.

DSC_5169SmallWhiteSmall white.

DSC_5181RopemarksRope marks in the arch of Lady Bridge. The bridge is on a bend so the rope, abrasive from being repeatedly wetted and trailed on the path, would slowly grind grooves.

DSC_5248CommonBlueAll four wings of a common blue in flight.

DSC_5259CommonBluesA pair of common blues reflected.

Banded Demoiselle:
DSC_5279BandedDemoiselleDSC_5285BandedDemoiselleThese little beauties were fluttering about all the way, but very reluctant to pose for the camera.

DSC_5310flyNot sure what this dragonfly is.

DSC_5466GoldfinchesA little flock of goldfinches.

DSC_5495ChinookPassing over.

4 thoughts on “Friday 5th, Retford to Ranby

  1. So much blue, how I love that. Ruth and I just looked through these together, we both loved the dragonflies and were a bit fascinated by the water snake. Have never actually seen one of those before – if they have them over here they probably have tusks and poisonous spikes on their back 😉 And the goldfinches are just sublime 🙂


    • Second time I’ve seen a grass snake in the water, first was only in May this yearLINK some twenty odd miles away from this one..
      The dragon/damsel males are very blue: the females are very drab in comparison.
      Goldfinches are really beautiful little birds.

      My impression of Oz is that the wildlife is terrific to look at but bloody dangerous to be near!

      (Your kids look wonderful – almost (but not quite) make me wish I’d had some)


      • They are pretty great kids. Sure does take a chunk out of your life mind you 🙂 It depends, some of the wildlife is hideous – like the Cane Toads. But saying that, they are not native. Not also a big fan of crocs or sharks 🙂


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