8th to 11th July

Roll over the pics for captions.
Click on pics to embiggen.

Monday 8th

Pond is all:

Tuesday 9th

More pond:

Wednesday 10th

Getting bored with pond pics yet?

Thursday 11th

Last for now:

Coming up: Kiveton Park to Worksop (and more pond!).

3 thoughts on “8th to 11th July

      • I knew I’d seen it somewhere before! Embiggen that is. And the thistle was much appreciated.

        Btw your reply to my comment here came up in my email and when I clicked on it it took me to your tweet saying I shouldn’t have been suspended. Much appreciated although entirely untrue, I’m a bit of a bastard really, especially on Twitter, I just happen to like you. I certainly didn’t break any of their weird rules though.

        But oh well, I was struggling to remove myself from the circus, a forced mental health holiday is probably a good thing (but thanks:)) xo



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