13th to July

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Saturday 13th

To Sheffield on t’ train. Reasonable weather – there was a dance thing on and loads of folk around dancing and watching.

Peace Gardens

Peace Gardens

Back home went round t’ pond. You’ve seen a lot of these subjects before.
Don’t know what butterfly the caterpillar is of. Quite a few of them around – jet black from above – orange around the “feet”. I know they’re called prolegs
The two juvenile grebes were taking off to leave the home pond for good.


Sunday 14th



Monday 15th

Pond & canal to town.


Tuesday 16th


Here’s one I did earlier:Cater2

Wednesday 17th

Pond and canal.
Brighter coloured butterflies now becoming more common.
I had the gatekeepers down as “meadow browns” – oops! The ladybird larva was identified for me on Twitter by @MelJD46 as a “harlequin” late stage larva. Flowering rush likewise was identified by @watts127 who I’ve met walking his dogs several times.
The grass flower/seedhead was just a whim.


Thursday 18th

Pond …

… down to Bracebridge: …
… and back again:


Friday 19th

Clouds over the pond …
… and round the pond. Just for a change a swan flapping about and then walking on water. Back to normal with a ringlet, a grebe on the nest and mating common blue damselflies. Got to have a grass reed flower and a pair of sparrows passing through a fence.

Dead chuffed with this, you can see that there appear to be three eggs.

And finish with another view of the pond between two of the poplars at the east end of the pond:DSC_1926GodfreysPondWorksop
Getting late: to bed!

3 thoughts on “13th to July

  1. Ah, something soothing. If you just witnessed my complete temper tantrum melt down on Twitter you will appreciate how much I appreciate that 🙂

    Pleasing how the poplars hang like curtains framing the pond. The delicate flowers and the thistle – I hope that bee didn’t get too close – and those gorgeous “only weeds” were my favourites today.

    And always the birds, who look so gloriously free.


      • Trust me, my life is hardly a barrel of thrills, if I was to photograph it it would mainly be me looking after my kids, working and going to movies. The excitement is almost unbearable. As for you – well I laughed and it’s not even 7am, but it is duly noted 😀



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