20th July → 24th

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

As I have a totally uninteresting life these pictures are, as usual, of insects, birds and flora round Godfrey’s Pond (aka Sandhills Lake) and up the Chesterfield canal.

Saturday 20th

This appears to be one of the final two grebe chicks being pursued by a parent to get it to leave the home pond.

Insects of all sorts:


Birds and plants:

Birds do it,
Bee(tle)s do it,
Even common old houseflies do it.


Sunday 21st

More of similar:

Grebe pasing by

Grebe passing by


Monday 22nd

These little beggars won’t stay in one place long enough to get a decent picture:

Swallow over the pond.

Swallow over the pond.

Some of the pond flora:
Plants by the pond.

Plants by the pond.

Grebe and butterflies:

This raptor, I don’t know its species, has prey in its claws. It was a long way away and I didn’t notice until editing the pics:



Tuesday 23rd


Wednesday 24th

A pretty little bird that is sitting in a treetop

A pretty little bird that is sitting in a treetop



5 thoughts on “20th July → 24th

  1. It’s not uninteresting to pay attention to the minutiae of the world. There’s more diversity and fascinating things going on on a small scale than in the larger human world. Humans interactions are often very predictable and rather dull. That I find bugs and insects mainly unnerving and a bit gross at least means they are not boring šŸ™‚ Loved the swallows. And as for the houseflies – wish they wouldn’t (do it, that is).


    • Sorry ’bout that: been a bit down lately – no reason & can’t even put it down to time-of-the-month being not equipped to have such times.

      My interactions with humans are 90% shopkeepers and their kin, with the other ten percent being folk I vaguely know by sight as I walk around the pond and canal. Yesterday I spoke to my next door neighbour!

      There’s patches of meadow on the pond hillside that are absolutely alive with butterflies, you wouldn’t find that unnerving I’m sure. It’s only when you dive in for close-ups that you get the awful alienness of mandibles and probosci. Spellcheck doesn’t like “alienness” or “probosci”.

      Swallows (or are they swifts?) haven’t been around much this year – they’re not the easiest things to photograph. For each of the 3 pics on here, I bet I’ve got about 50 of blurred shapes or even just sky.

      Just think how much dogshit there’d be around if it wasn’t for the flies!


      • What a lovely thought (re the dogshit) šŸ™‚ I wish my interactions with humans could be a bit more limited than they are. Unfortunately I am forced out into the world every day against my will. On good days, I don’t mind too much, sometimes even quite like it, but a lot of the time I have to brace myself. Fortunately, people rarely seem to realise I’m quite bloody bonkers, at least so long as they don’t spend too long in my company šŸ™‚



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