25th to endof July.

Doesn’t time fly? July gone

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Anyone disagreeing with my identification of anything animal or vegetable please realise you’re probably right! Please tell me.

Thursday 25th July

Pond & canal:


Rather suspect she’s got a flea itch or some such, but she looks rather gorgeous, nicht Wahr?


C&RT (that’s the Canal & River Trust FYI) have taken notice of info from their own men, boaters and possibly even me and have sorted the bottom gate on Morse Lock (#49 on the Chesterfield Canal). It was leaking fast enough to almost defeat the inflow with both top paddles open – it emptied in about 30 minutes with no paddles open. They’ve apparently levelled up the cill at the bottom gate.

Hireboat Nb Robin Hood was first through. Here she is passing the workboat at the winding hole.

Nb Robin Hood about to pass workboat

Nb Robin Hood about to pass workboat


And here’s Nb Evergreen entering the lock.

Nb Evergreen entering Morse Lock

Nb Evergreen entering Morse Lock


And back to insects:


Friday 26th

Pond & canal In future, just assume that every day it’s just “Pond & canal” unless told otherwise. OK?

Starting as yesterday, a Mallard (might even be the same one) in a flap.DSC_4634MallardFlap

Various butterflies

Insects, plants and other interesting stuff


Saturday 27th

Butterflies …

… and beasties and …


Bee on flowering rush

Bee between blooms on flowering rush


… a couple of chaffinches singing to each other

Two chaffinches …

Two chaffinches …

… singing to each other.

… singing to each other.

Monday 29th

(Didn’t set foot outside on Sunday!)
Round the pond.
Whites, gatekeepers, one ringlet and commas. one tortoiseshell, a ladybirdand loads of wasps and bees. Damselflies blue, common b and b tailed.
Sloes are paying the price of blossoming early. There were so very few pollinating insects around that there’s now few berries. Pears blossomed later.
The grebes are still on eggs, and a poppy seed head to finish with.


Tuesday 30th

Priory church:
Worksop priory church

Worksop priory church

Mallard doing something that I didn’t know they did …DSC_6440MallardFish
… catching and eating a fish …DSC_6503MallardFish


Wednesday 31st

Not a lot:

That’s July Done!

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    • Mallards are so common here that no-one notices them. Like so many “weeds” they’re beautiful when you really look at them.

      The priory must have been something to see – but what a use of man(&woman)power in the name of religion. Gotta admire the workmanship though.


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