August 6th to 10th

Mostly The pond but a walk from Ranby to Worksop along the Chesterfield canal towpath included.

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Tuesday 6th

Meanwhile up and down the canal:
Fire still burning

Fire still burning

Nb Black Pearl

Nb Black Pearl

Wednesday 7th

 And then the bus to Ranby and walk back:
There’s a house in Ranby with a whole load of enormous sunflowers that were well beecovered as I walked past.
Ranby to Worksop in pictures:
Ranby to Worksop in butterflies:
Ranby to Worksop in insects:
Ranby to Worksop in Dragons and Damsels:
Ranby to Worksop in Birds:
And to finish the day a swallow:DSD_0679Swallow

Thursday 8th

 Don’t know what bird this is, I didn’t realise it was out of the ordinary until I looked at the picture.

Distant raptor with prey

Distant raptor with prey

Friday 9th

The pond is all.

Saturday 10th

Not a lot.
A couple of ‘shoppings:

Two views of the grebe's nest joined

Two views of the grebe’s nest joined

The same blue tailed damsel from two directions

The same blue tailed damsel from two directions

5 thoughts on “August 6th to 10th

  1. The sunflower and bees were glorious, of course, as was the butterfly which seemed to be feeding from a flower because they were wearing matching coats. And always the canals and the church spires and the bridges haunt me. What was the fire though? Entrance to Mount Doom (teenage nerdling in me thought immediately of Kiril Threndor, Heart of Thunder :))


    • The fire was the local “reclamation centre”. It mysteriously caught on Saturday night & burned for a week.

      Didn’t realise you had the inner nerdlet. Recall taking “The Hobbit” out of t’library back in the 50s to my father’s disgust “What do you want a book about dwarves and stuff for – a bit childish!” despite the fact that I was a child.

      I’ve not really looked at butterflies before but I need reason to photograph stuff. They are beautiful though.

      The canal is magic! Nuff said.
      PS: pleased you’ve NOT stopped with the blog – or have you


      • I’m afraid I have, my last post is on the fact that I am no longer blogging. WordPress just comes up with that log in and sometimes I let it stay. I decided that 15,000 hits or a year – whichever came first – would be my cue. Turns out it was the hits 🙂

        Yes, I am a bit of a nerd, or at least one of my personalities is… Played Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager (but mainly when we were wrecked), total SF fan geek, read The Hobbit when I was just a kid, maybe 11 or so, and went on to Stephen Donaldson and Asimov and Arthur C Clarke et al from there. I think your bio on Twitter mentions SF and that was one of the reasons I followed you 🙂

        I was reminded of the Springfield tyre fire, which doesn’t sound too far off now that you say reclamation centre. Which I am guessing means tip or something similar…


      • Saw that post; thought ‘d seen one since. Must have been dreaming 🙂
        I got hooked on fantasy very early: I’d read Alice in Wonderland before infant school: teachers hated that I’d read more than them. (1940s – 50s don’t forget) Friend’s older brother bought “Astounding Science Fiction” monthly (that’s where L Ron Hubbard was first lauded!) and I snaffled them about six months later. I couldn’t begin to list the authors I read “before they were famous”. Never got the hang of Donaldson though (I tried, honest I tried). Always preferred books to films – scenery’s better (old but true).

        When you start another blog (you will, won’t you?) let me know.

        Went up to see the fire: still smouldering.


  2. I think Feedburner sent out a random old post link, it might do it again at some point, apologies.

    I doubt I will start it up again, to behonest. I have kept Oculus Mundi open for the moment, maybe I will go back, but I think it has run its course.

    Yes, they weren’t terribly keen that I was reading before I went to school either 🙂 My big brother used to buy Omni and Astounding and a few other Science and SF magazines, I miss those publications and the excitement of having a new magazine to read.



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