Sunday 11th Aug to Tuesday 20th

Mixed weather and not been anywhere – feeling a bit less than optimal.

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Sunday 11th

Caught the grebes at changeover. There’s at least three eggs. Don’t know what the heron’s intentions were but he was definitely watching the nest.
Heron and grebes:

Monday 12th

Once the sun’s on the buddleias the peacocks come out. The swan was actually on the canal above Morse Lock but I preferred the caption. About 2:30 in the morning the moth (over two inches across) appeared in the bedroom – a bit spooky.

Tuesday 13th

Some common stuff – sparrows and thrushes – some not so common – pheasant and clams – and of course grebes.

Wednesday 14th

More of the same: a cricket and a lily for variety. If you look carefully there’s a chick peering over mum grebe’s back (might be dad grebe’s back, I suppose).

Friday 16th

(took some on Thursday but buggered up saving ’em somehow!)

Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th

A Kestrel over the canal. Stayed around for a couple of hours on and off. Must have got 200 pics.

Monday 19th

More of the same


Around the pond with a bit of text ‘shopped in.

Grebe family out of the nest There’s four again; that’s eight this year!

4 thoughts on “Sunday 11th Aug to Tuesday 20th

    • Worksop, where the pond is, is (was?) Nottinghamshire’s drug capital. Its yobbo quotient is high and its employment % low. So not serene.

      Dunno about the kestrel (M or F?) – I watched it on & off for over an hour. Took a couple of hundred pics – these are (slightly) ‘shopped bits of the best.

      Don’t forget that the peace and serenity cloaks mayhem: in addition to fish, the heron eats ducklings (and grebelets?), the kestrel will eat anything that moves and dragonflies and their larvae eat other insects


    • The swan is a pussy, wanders round next the shopping centre car park scrounging a lot of the time.

      Been out early last few days, the butterflies aren’t out (where do they go to hide?)

      Birds are a lot quieter now and harder to spot. The one exception being sparrows, they squabble noisily in shrubs and fruit trees.

      The grebes (MY grebes!) are magic!

      Trust you’re OK.



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