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Just been stopped in the street by a PCSO.
Apparently someone reported me taking photos of the school and presumably the kids! Now that is something I’ve always been cautious about, being a solo male with longish hair and therefore obviously depraved, and quite careful not to do.

Would a paedo perv walk around with a bloody long lens on a £1000 camera? No he’d take sneaky snaps on his phone.

Suggest you keep away from the school, she says. So that means I can’t photograph the grebes?

Oh and she mentioned it to the water bailiff! As if that idiot needed any excuse to dislike me. That possibly makes me maddest of all.

Never asked how she knew my name, only “Roger” but …

Feeling very “guilty until proven innocent”.


Fuck it!

No more photos.

Closing Blog!

Bye y’all!

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11 thoughts on “Angry!

  1. Sorry to hear that. I’m not surprised you’re angry! It’s a sad indictment of our times. I live next door to a school and am worried about taking photos in my own garden when the kids are about. 😦 It must have been an upsetting experience, simply awful suggesting you should avoid the school!


  2. Oh, hon. Do not close the blog. If this person keeps going on about, it will be good to have all sorts of proof of what you are really doing.

    This is horrible. I am so so sorry.


  3. I agree with Alison for sure. At least give it a few days before you make any decision about the blog. You are angry right now (understandably) but don’t rush into anything. When I first read this post my first thought was that you should maybe have given them the URL to your blog so they could see your photos. It is just one silly, narrow-minded person who has reported you and it would be a shame if it was to spoil your hobby and your enjoyment. Hang on in there and decide in a few days whether to close the blog…


    1. She asked for, and was given, this blog address. Doubt if she’ll look at it though. Don’t think they really follow up on things very well. Just put the frighteners on then walk away and to hell with any damage done.

      Some time ago I photographed a yob on a motorcycle on the road with small child on lap & gave them (police) pictures – they weren’t interested.

      Funny she seemed surprised that I didn’t know what time it was when I went out. Think she thought that I geared my walks to “playtime” or such.


  4. I can understand you being angry. It was an awful thing to happen. I agree with Jacqueline – is there some way you can show them that all your pictures are birds, butterflies, narrow boats etc?
    I sincerely hope that on reflection you don’t close the blog. Many people enjoy your photos of the local flora and fauna.


  5. Ok, so take your break. But don’t delete your little addition to the sum of things that make the world more beautiful, based on one misguided troublemaker. And I will take the time to look through your old posts as I only came to your blog a few months ago. And we will all meet back here again sometime 🙂

    There is only one reason to give up blogging something as peaceful, harmless and lovely as your photos, and that is because you want to.


  6. I can’t add anything to what Alison has just said because she has summed my feelings up perfectly. I really hope this doesn’t mark the end of your photography. Hope to see you posting again here in the near future xx


  7. Roj, I am sorry.
    Are the children already back at school?
    They’re not in Derbyshire. And if they are back, it can’t have been for long. It’s either a very keen new parent/grandparent, or this has been lingering since before July – not very urgent then.

    But you’re caught between a rock and a hard place.
    You can’t approach the school – that’d be grooming!
    You can’t refer to this blog – you might have another, or simply a collection of pictures you’re not showing.

    Teachers are not supposed to use their own devices to photograph children. It is supposed to be the school camera. Parents can’t take pictures of concerts or Sports Day.

    There is nothing sensible I can say.


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