Not angry any more.

This morning, while I was still abed for lack of anything better to do (about 10:30!), received a visit.
Knock, knock, …?…
Knock, knock, as I turned down “The Goon Show” on my tablet.
Knock, knock, while I struggled into a pair of trousies; obviously finding left trou leg with right foot first.
Knock, knock, hunting for door key.
Knock, knock, remembering to zip up fly just as I opened the door. Not a pretty sight – hair awry, unshaven, bare of foot and with belly overhanging belt – me, that is. Not how one would wish to greet a young lady.
‘Twas yesterday’slink PCSO with a colleague.
“Hello,” she said, with pink £5.00 watch distractingly on right wrist.
“About yesterday …”
“… don’t …”, she said “don’t stop your snappin’ & bloggin'”
“I had to follow up on a complaint received from a member of the public. Checked you out and looked at your blog and like it & your pics. So carry on snappin’ & bloggin.” she said.

So carry on, all’s well!

Here’s yesterday’s post moved to here:
First two days of September’s pictures

Monday 2nd




Berrying blackbird:

Ash me another:DSC_8950Ash

Wednesday 4th



On the canal at Sandy Lane Bridge:DSC_9171Swan

Just the wind on the canal.DSC_9225Ripples

9 thoughts on “Not angry any more.

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    • 🙂 re: picture of PCSO.
      Always think it unfair to snap folk doing their job. Feel as if I’m taking advantage. If they’re part of the scenery it’s OK but not if they’re identifiable. That’s why I put lens cover on when going into shops etc.

      Blackbirds love rowan berries – good job there’s loads. I suppose that’s one reason for that small area being “infested” with blackbirds as it is.


  2. Hurray! A good outcome! Oh that swan! Why are they do they epitomise tranquillity when I hear that they are really fierce? Spiders are amazing creatures. Lovely pics. x


    • There’s a pair o’ swans at Turnerwood – he becomes quite violently offensive/defensive when she’s sitting on eggs. Snaps at dogs tht get too near and your feet likewise. They really are beautiful though.

      Think I “may” have overreacted a bit but all’s well that ends well.

      Did you see the spider t’other day with a butterfly in its web?


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