The Mews

Couple who I know through waving at across the canal shouted asked me to snap their house. I’d got the 300 mm lens on so not the best for buildings at fairly short range. They’d seen my “Catherine & Ian’s wedding pics”link and said nice things about them so I took a few**. Intend to go out tomorrow with ‘shorter’ lens on & get some better*(?). Anyhow
here’s what I took todaylink ‎(looks nice, dunnit?)

*I intend (road to hell?) to get some of Steetly Chapel (google it if you must) for a lady who was married there a few years ago. Dunno if you can still get inside though.
**Those pics of the wedding were taken purely spur of the moment – if I recall correctly I was shoeless @ the time.

4 thoughts on “The Mews

    • They are nice houses – in a small enclave (is that the right word?) there’s about 1 – 1.5 dozen houses.

      The wedding was pure chance – saw the 1st car leaving and picked up camera.

      (Am told she’s expecting now. They moved shortly after the wedding)


  1. Just catching up with you Roger – sorry but I laughed when I read about your brush with the Rozzers!! Glad you cleared your name – but I would have brought you a cake with a file in it. Very lovely photos as ever



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