A Few More Pics

I’ve started making the first picture each day of the pond between two of the poplars at the west end. When I remember I’ll stick one of the pond pics as the header above.

As usual most of the pictures are around Godfrey’s pond and Chesterfield canal at Worksop with an excursion to Steetley chapel thrown in.

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Monday ninth September 2013

Just round the pond

The gull on the water just appealed as a study in blue. I should say that I don’t accentuate colours beyond tightening the black/white spread if possible, see herelink for what I do do to pics.
Fluffy sparrow was one of many in the bushes around the pond. There were a lot of low down untidy webs in the grass shown up by dew. The rat was scampering around hoovering up left over bread thrown for the ducks. The plane and bird were accidental; I didn’t notice the bird until I had the pic on the computer. Moorhens are rarely seen in the air and hoverflies rarely not.

Tuesday 10th

First grebe pic of the post and a couple of really cheeky looking sparrows* on shrubs in the shopping centre car park. The guy with the fish, I often see with his son (I think) on the canal.

*Must cut down on the anthropomorphism.


Wednesday eleventh September

Sparrows! A cow parsley seed head standing out against the sky. Gotta have a speckled wood pic! Some birds: heron, moorhen, swan and all four grebe chicks. I could no more climb up that crane than fly there. I’m the king of acrophobes.

Thursday 12th

I walked by sundry byways to Steetley chapel with the intention of getting some pics for a girl I met a while ago who’d got married there. (I’m OK calling someone 30-40 years my junior a girl aren’t I?) However they turned out rather ungood so I’ll give it another go in a few days.
Anyhow, the walk there and back:

I like dew on grass, you might have noticed. The robin was in the act of buggerin’ off – I only just caught it. Ivy fruit is really weird looking, isn’t it?
Wasps were crawling in and out of the nest in the ground. The spider lost out, the hoverfly disentangled itself and did the buggerin’ off.
Only noticed the horse’s red nose when I was home: “slipped with the lippy, duck?” Another thing you’d never get me up in – a powered paraglider.
Butterflies, ferns and geese.
The biplane flies from Netherthorpe airfield regularly. Tiny moorhen chick!
And a great crested grebe to finish the day with.

Friday 13th

Nothing superstitious but I didn’t set foot outside.

14th – Saturday


A speckled wood, a comma in an apple tree and another speckled wood on some peeling graffiti.

Some grebe family snaps
Downy feather blowing in the breeze.

Downy feather blowing in the breeze.


Grebes, mallards and a cat.

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