Getting bored yet …

… of same old same old pics?

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Monday 16th September

Pond and canal is all.

Can look so miserable, herons. Grebe chicks and grebe parent with fish. Narrowboat “Hope” entering Morse lock … and a Speckled wood to finish the day.

Tuesday 17th

Same again:

Number two bird – heron in an unusual place and subsequently buggerin’ off. A swan doing what swans do best – posing, and a robin against the sky. Finally just a feather on the footpath.
Grebes, more grebes and still more grebes.

18th – Wednesday

Three speckled woods. Two mall whites. A pair of moorhens up a tree. A kestrel at a distance, a grebe shaking off after a dive and four grebe chicks hiding under cover of reeds. The sky over Saint Anne’s church.

Thursday 19th

Rather late swallows fattening up over the rugby field. These birds move so fast and so erratically that for every picture fit to use, the shutter must have been operated fifty times.


Colours, grebes, parent and child. This kestrel was being mobbed by a crowd of magpies, only managed to catch one and that was below it. A kestrel hovering on the hunt. It was mizzling so the heron was more miserable than usual.

Friday 20th September

Grebes, gulls, a spider, a heron several times. Mallards, including one with a gimpy leg and a couple of moorhen chicks at the shopping centre. Lastly a pair of kestrels and the one that stayed to patrol the canal.

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