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… have to stop bloggin’ pics soon, ’cause I’m approaching my free storage limit on WordPress and I don’t rate this blog enough to pay out for it. Reckon I might make it to the end of October and then I’ll just stick ’em on flickr.

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A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Saturday 21st September 2013

Walked up the lane to the underpass. The river looks beautiful just yards away from the bridge. The feather on the canal caught my eye floating and spinning in the breeze. Spiders are ubiquitous at this time of year, great big bodied fat ones sitting in the centre of their webs, gripping threads waiting for blundering flies. The magpie was a chance capture down near the cricket pitch. Lastly a fairly representative pair of butterflies.

Sunday 22nd

Butterflies and a gull.


Kestrel: these pics are worth enlarging (IMHO).

Monday 23rd

Really liked the grebe with two kids – one peering over its parent’s back. Loads o’ spiders and himalayan balsam seeds that explode as soon as you touch ’em.

Tuesday 24th

Multiple spider warning!

Apart from several spider pics,: a grasshopper very camouflaged in grass. The heron, for a change, was arriving – I got pics when it wa standing on its log.
At the other end of the size scale, the moths are on a convolvulus flower that’s only about one centimetre across, so you can see how small the moths are.
The mallards and their log look so good together. Red admiral was sunning momentarily on the footpath in the middle of town. The larger the wings, the more the insect seems to need warming up by basking in the sun.

Wednesday 25th

Unusual view of a speckled wood.
Keeping focus on a dragonfly in flight is not the easiest task.
Until the leaves fall, birds are going to be difficult to see, occasionally they come out of hiding. Demonstrating the destination of the berries – a rowan being stripped by a blackbird and a chaffinch keeping watch. The black and white butterfly is the underside of a small tortoiseshell.

Thursday 26th

A couple of dragonflies, a spider hanging about and a juvenile moorhen peering out of a drain.
Narrowboat Pebley returning to base in Shireoaks marina.

Friday 27th

My word, what a surprise: grebes.
A tortoiseshell using a piece of blue litter as a backdrop.
A joined pair of red common darters and another doin’ the baskin’. If all the acorns became trees there’d be a forest here in no time.
The two moorhens seemed to be a parent chasing off a child – that’s what happens. On the towpath a sunning red admiral fled to the cricket pitch the instant its image was in the camera.
Blackbirds really like rowan berries. The best time to snap a Hawker is when they’re having a bask.

Saturday 28th

One of the few blossoms left on the buddleia attracts a tortoiseshell.
Sometimes you can get quite close to basking dragonflies. The moorhen still stands in its drain.
Grebes: love the final picture here – looks quite heraldic.

Sunday 29th

Didn’t go anywhere special but got a load of pics.

Grebes, heron, ‘shrooms, narrowboat.
Haws, web, elderberries,copse, teasels – one with a web on its spines.
WHAT SORT OF DUCK IS THAT BLACK DUCK? (I asked on twitter & got no response)
Disturbed the heron and it did the buggerin’ off. Moorhens can’t decide between arboreal & troglodyte living!
A whole family of mallards posing on the posing log.
Blackberry plants are still flowering occasionally despite the time of year. Apples rot in surprising patterns.
More commas and a speckled wood.
Grebe with a fish for the kids and a grebe that’s a bit tatty, probably from being pestered by the kids.

Monday 30th September 2013

Mallards are randy all year round here’s a couple t it. Grebe chick hurrying for fish. Apples, a speckled wood, a darter and a grebe. All four grebe chicks in one picture and a hawker.
Swan against the sun.
That’s September done.

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  1. Yep, they are worth enlarging. Well, poop, maybe you could move over to Tumblr or Weebly or another free blog site? I always like the ones of the birds and the of the water. In real life I loathe all bugs, arachnids, insects whatever, anything with more than four legs or feelers or anything fluttery just freaks me out, but your photos do make them look pretty – from a safe distance 🙂


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